About me

Hello there, welcome to my blog Floral Inspired life, if you didn't know already I'm Hannah and I like to think of my blog as my little space on the internet where I can write almost anything lifestyle, beauty and all LGBT & mental health related things. This blog has been up and running since February 2015 and I guess you could say it was like stepping into the unknown when I first decided to start! I was pretty clueless, to say the least, but I've loved every minute of being a blogger and only hope that continues. 

A little bit about me, I'm 22 years old and I live in Southampton, Hampshire. I'm a Health Care assistant at a very busy hospital. Although I only started this blog back in early 2015 I have actually been blogging since 2011!  

Life currently consists of working, blogging & binge watching far too many trashy programmes on Netflix. What can I say? I'm living the life of a person in their early 20's. 


  1. I just wanted to say how great I think your blog is. I love reading through your posts and really relate to your writing style - it definitely comes across in your writing that this is something you take pride in and love doing :)

  2. Thank you Nicole! I'm really happy my blog posts come across like this because I really do LOVE it :)