Don't look down on me because I'm unemployed.

That dreaded question of 'so what do you do for a living?' in which I pause to quickly sum up in my head how I'm going to explain my current situation. Just knowing that when/if I just say I'm currently unemployed some people will instantly judge me as that person that's just too lazy to go to work, well wrong I'm not that. I know I shouldn't have to explain myself any further if I don't feel comfortable doing so but the fear of judgement leaves me feeling like I have to.

So yes, I've been unemployed for 3 months now due to circumstances out of my control. It was decided that due to my mental health I was no longer able to work right now. My mental health became something that unfortunately took over my life to the extent it was affecting my work/life balance. 

Now with this new title of 'unemployed', I've felt like I'm somewhat failing. I know deep down that isn't the truth and I won't be in this situation forever. For 3 years I worked as a health care assistant at a hospital on an elderly people's ward, so I'm not that lazy able-bodied 22-year old that just can't be bothered to work, I have achieved things and I know the meaning of a hard days work. I spent 3 years sitting with patients when they were scared and confused due to dementia, I talked and listened to patients stories during visiting hours because I knew not all of them had visitors coming to see them, I held somebodies hand as they took their last breath and many a time my face amongst many of the other great people I worked alongside with were the faces our patients became so familiar with and trusted the most when they felt so alone and vulnerable in hospital. 

Although currently, I don't feel like I have a 'place' to fit in when it comes to any sort of career, I know I made a difference for 3 years, even if it was just a tiny difference. So please don't judge me when I say I'm unemployed, I haven't always been and I won't always be. I'm more than just the person who's not able to work right now and I know I'll find my place in a job when I'm well enough and ready to return to the world of work. 

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