Girl hearts Girl book review.

This blog has been silent for almost 4 months now, but something in me wanted to write this post. I wanted to express how I feel whilst I found myself in a reflective mood.

A few days ago I was looking through amazon and a book called Girl hearts Girl came up in my suggestions, I'd thought about ordering it before but I've never been much of a book reader so I never got round to it. The books author is Lucy Sutcliffe, I discovered Lucy for the first time on Youtube a few years back. I'm not sure how I came across her video but I'm so glad I did. The first video I watched of hers was her coming out story, at this moment in time I was confused about my sexuality so I can only guess I was looking through youtube watching various videos and somehow stumbled across Kaelyn and Lucy's channel.

I initially read a few chapters the first day the book arrived through the post, I couldn't put it down. Something about this book is so raw, honest and relatable I didn't and couldn't stop reading it. Every page I kept turning I was thinking more and more about my own journey in discovering who I am. Lucy's story I guess is a little similar to mine in regards to not being able to tell friends and family about being gay. For a long time, like Lucy I just went along with what was considered 'normal', this really echoed in the book and even though it was a long time ago it made me feel better about my past and that there are other people that have had similar experiences to me.

Having watched a lot of videos of Lucy on youtube and her relationship with Kaelyn I sort of knew parts of the story I was reading but the book lets you in that little bit more. Although it's bittersweet reading the last half of the book now knowing Lucy and Kaelyn are no longer together.

For anybody struggling with their sexuality, struggling to come out or just anybody in general, I urge you to read Lucy's book! It really helped me accept a few things from my past that I never really thought much about anymore, and weirdly it felt like a weight has lifted off of my shoulders that I didn't even know was there.