The world is a scary place.

Sitting down to start typing this post I already feel so much sadness and heartache, I'm angry. I'm angry as a human being, I'm angry as a person part of the LGBT community. I'm angry that this isn't being talked about enough. 

If you've been oblivious to the news in the last few days you wouldn't have heard about the BIGGEST mass shooting in the U.S that happened in Orlando in the early hours of Sunday morning in a gay club called Pulse. This disgusting homophobic, terrorist, hate crime killed 50 people, left 50+ injured. 

Do I have any right to be doing a post about this, no probably not? But do I have my own voice, am I part of the LGBT community, yes. I started writing this with no intention of posting it, I just wanted to let some steam off and get my thoughts on the matter out there. 

I'll explain why I'm angry, firstly I'm sick of reading or watching things where people will not just blatantly say what happened was a homophobic attack. He intended to go into that club, a GAY club and kill people. It wasn't just an act of terror, it was calculated. We've even read statements from the killers own Dad saying 'My son got angry because he saw two men kissing a few months ago'. Really?!! It makes my blood boil. I'm angry because I've barely seen anyone speak out unless they are part of the LGBT community or strong supporters. Celebrities who have huge platforms and again I've not seen many speak out. No attack is worthy of support more or less, these people lost their lives, innocent people, LGBT people, HUMANS. 

This is why we still need pride, this is why LGBT feel like we're not equal. 

My heart breaks for every individual that lost their lives were injured or involved Sunday night. 

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