Glossybox July 2015

Hey you lovely people, I'm back with another Glossybox review. This month I received my second ever box and it has definitely upped its game from June. The actual packaging was probably the thing I loved most about July's edition, it was so well designed and truly beautiful! July's edition was inspired by all things French, which when I read that, I was already excited. After their Festival edition box last month, I was left a little disappointed, but as it was my first box I decided to keep my subscription in hope July would bring something better. 

Every month it comes in a small box, wrapped nicely with ribbon and two cards. One card telling you about the inspiration for this month's box and the other with a list of the products you've received. I thought this month's card about the designer of the box was so sweet, the drawing on the front is also amazing. 

The products I received this month are things I will actually use, hooray!!  

* Noxidoxi Enhancing serum base sample. (Full Size £33.46)
* Lollipops Lip Balm (Full Size £4.15)
* Teoxane Cosmeceuticals sample (Full Size £70)
* Yves Rocher sample (Full size £24.50)
* Glossybox Exclusive travel pouch (£3.99)

So far I have already tried the Noxidoxi Serum base which you apply morning and night before applying moisturiser and the Teoxane Cosmeceuticals Perfect skin refiner which should be applied every other night. I can honestly say that I will try anything when it comes to moisturising and keeping my face feeling fresh and clean. I'm always so scared about trying out new products as my skin at times can be really sensitive to some products and just leave me with so many red horrible dry patches. I can't say either of the products are the best I've ever used and I'll always use more known brands when it comes to moisturising my face but they are great little samples to try out. They haven't been too harsh on my skin and I've used them both for the last 3 nights. I love discovering new things.

The next product I tried, which I was a little unsure about as I can be super fussy with perfume was the Yves Rocher L'Eau De perfume. It's only a really small sample and it probably isn't a scent I'd go for if buying perfume but again it's nice to be able to try something a little different, something you wouldn't necessarily buy yourself. For a perfume sample, I'd say I love it. Full size, probably not so much still lovely but not entirely for me. 

The other two products being the Lip balm and Glossybox travel pouch I am yet to try. I don't think the pouch will be used that much but it's a handy bag to have if you was going away for a night or two and didn't want to take your whole make up bag or maybe just for carrying around a few essentials during the day. I should probably start using the lip balm as it's supposed to protect your lips from UV damage as well as soften your lips, summer will disappear before we know it, I best get all the use out of it as I can.

So overall I guess you can say July's edition has been a pretty successful one, I absolutely loved the theme this month and hope Augusts edition is just as good. As we're are on the subject of subscription boxes I've also just subscribed to 'My Little Box' which consists of beauty, fashion & lifestyle accessories you even get a few other little surprises so be sure to check out my review on them next month. 

Do you have any subscription boxes you are currently loving? I'd love to hear about others, although I need to resist subscribing to anymore.


  1. Hey! I've got my box too couple of days ago and I actually didn't like it. Lollipops Lip Balm was half-full and I didn't understand, what was that. But this Noxidoxi Enhancing serum base is quite good, I have it too.

    I like your review, thanks for sharing!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  2. Hello! I think compared to last months box July's is a massive improvement. I mean the products aren't something I'd necessarily go out and buy myself but nice to discover through small samples.

    Thanks for reading :) x

  3. I love the theme, it's super cute. I got the Look Fantastic one last month and wasn't impressed but I really want to try another.

    Sarah | <3

    1. It really was such a lovely theme! :) oh I've never heard of that one, I'll have to have a look. Although I've not yet received the one from 'My Little Box', a friend done a review of it over on her youtube channel 'dearlittlelucas' have a look, as I reckon you'd like the box! I'm so excited to receive mine :D x