A letter to my future self.

I had so much fun writing my 'A letter to my teenage self' that I thought it was only right that I done a letter to my future self. This could get deep, way too deep. 

Dear future me, 

This letter seems so much harder than my previous teenage self letter. I guess that's because I'm not entirely sure how you write a letter to the future. 

I'm not sure what age I'm writing to, I just hope that by now you are looking back on your life feeling proud and happy. Writing this as a 20 year old, very soon to be 21 I am still unsure about what's ahead of me. I have all of these goals and ambitions regarding life, career and my blog and I just hope all of those things happened for me. 

I don't know what you're doing now, whether married or even have children, I really really hope so. PLEASE say by now I'm full time blogger living the life of luxury, haha joking that would be pretty insane, although blogging is god damn hard but I love it and I hope you still have the same passion I do at this age. Maybe you won the lottery?!! now that would be pretty great. My biggest goal currently is working hard to get through my NVQ at work to enable a better future, being able to go further with my job, maybe move on to bigger opportunities. Let's just hope something actually come out of all this. 

I guess all I can really ask for is that you are happy and healthy in life, but more than that happy with who you are. I hope you still have the same amount of passion for the important things in life, standing up for what you believe in and at times still probably making a fool out of yourself. I really hope those wishes of travelling around the world a little come true, even if you just visited those places for a holiday. New York and Australia best be ticked off of that bucket list by now!!!

I hope by now you've learnt to not waste money on stupid things, obsessive buying of things you'll never need or find any use from. But I'll take a guess and say you're still doing this. I bet you are still rubbish at saving aren't you? Also if you haven't passed your driving test by now, what are you doing? Get your ass into gear and go pass already!! If you are relying on public transport still then ask someone to gently slap you and maybe you'll get on with driving.

As they say another year older is another year wiser, I hope you carried that saying with you throughout life so far because it's true. Right now at 20 I have lots of plans and wishes, maybe right now they don't seem the sensible thing to do. I hope they turnt out to be the best thing I could of done and all my wishes so far came true. Again I only hope that you continue to have a positive attitude towards life and know that you can only be YOU nobody else. With any luck you learnt that getting attached to people too quickly only ends in disaster. If you're married, than maybe this worked out well for you. I'm impressed.

So yeah, you best be happy and living a life you hoped for all of those years ago.

Yours sincerely.

5th July 2015.... (18 DAYS TILL MY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!!! I bet you don't get as excited about birthdays as I am for this one.)  

P.S. YOU BEST STILL BE BLOGGING, it's the best thing for you. 

Do you have any dear future me letters? Link yours I'd love to read them! 


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. It really makes you think about things, and life in general.
    I haven't wrote any letters to my future me , I guess I might give it a try :)

    Sonam - http://fashtasticflare.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Glad you enjoyed the post, I'm really getting into the whole writing letters to yourself. I think it's such a good thing to look back on in the future. I'd love to read some from you if you ever have done one or thinking of it :) Great blog by the way! x