My top 10 apps!

Today I decided to do quite a different blog post, I saw it on a list of post ideas and I thought seen as I use my phone way too much I'd delve into it. I have a number of apps on my phone, some I use daily and others that I have no idea why they are taking up space on my phone. I'm one of those neat freaks with my phone and yes I'm guilty of putting my apps all in their specific folders. 

Being a blogger you quickly learn that social media is your best friend, you will rely on it for almost everything. I wouldn't like to say it's key to success but without social media you wouldn't be able to share your blog with everybody else. Twitter is my favourite app when it comes to blogging; it's your quickest route to asking questions, sharing posts and interacting with other people. Facebook has also been one of my favourite apps since starting my blog! I've joined some fantastic groups and had so much help and support from other bloggers, blogging can be lonely if you don't interact with others so getting involved in facebook groups is the best thing you can do especially for new bloggers.

Instagram and Whatsapp are my more personal apps. Instagram helped me connect with fellow bloggers but ultimately I don't use it much to promote my blog. Personally I feel like you should have the specific social media accounts to use that you promote on and others the occasional but not bombarding you followers with blog links. People quickly find the unfollow button when you start spamming them, remember nobody likes a spammer!! 

Bloglovin', the most frustrating app in the world. It took me soooooo long to figure out the benefit of this app, please tell me I'm not the only one. It seemed extremely pointless to me when I first downloaded it. I was following the crowed, other bloggers had it, and so I wanted it too. Now I've learned the beneficial factors to following other people on there and how much easier it is than bloggers crappy following system. Bloglovin' I would say is an essential app. You can have all your favourite bloggers in one place meaning easier access to their posts. I only have a very selective few blogs where I physically type their URL into the top bar to look at, other blogs I read their posts from bloglovin'. I'm on it every 2 minutes compared to the first initial days of not having a clue what it was or how to use it. If you don't have it, consider downloading it even if you aren't a blogger.

Spotify is my saviour on long bus journeys at 6am on my way to work each morning, I even had to go premium because those god damn adverts were killing my vibe. Some of my playlists are so embarrassing you'd think it was a 2006 version of me listening to it, Old school RnB has a special place in my heart I just can’t resist. Buzz Feed is just my guilty pleasure and again cures my boredom when I find myself half asleep going to work, I'd highly recommend it if you find yourself on public transport a lot.

My last 3 favourite apps are what I use most for my photographs and bloody hell they make those not so good photos look ten times better. My most used one would have to be Afterlight, this app has a ton of filters and most importantly you can adjust the brightness and colour on a photo!! Dull looking photos are my pet hate, they are off putting and photography is a massive passion of mine. I wish I took it up professionally, although I'm not sure I'd half enjoy it if it wasn't just for fun. Squareready and A beautiful mess (ABM) are fantastic for resizing images for blog posts and adding quirky little drawings and titles onto photos you've already taken. I discovered ABM through instagram and I have never looked back. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I feel like its maybe a little long winded and all over the place but you know what I quite like doing these sort of posts sometimes. Being able to feel more relaxed and not stressing over saying the right or wrong things when it comes to the deeper posts. 

What are your favourite and most used apps?

All the apps that have appeared in my post are, 

1. Twitter (Free)
2. Facebook (Free)
3. Whatsapp (Free)
4. Instagram (Free)
5. Spotify (Free to download - in app purchases if wanting to go Premium) 
6. Bloglovin' (Free)
7. BuzzFeed (Free)
8. A Beautiful Mess - ABM (£0.79p in app purchases)
9. Afterlight (£0.79p in app purchases) 
10. Squareready (Free) 


  1. I love all Of these apps, but Instagram and spotify are probably my favourite!

    1. Thanks for taking your time to read my post :) Yeah I'd have to agree Spotify is probably my favourite right now! x