Lush #GayisOk campaign.

I'm so excited to type up this post, literally it fills me with pride and happiness, SO MUCH HAPPINESS.

The Lush campaign #GayisOkay has well and truly confirmed for me exactly why and how much I love this shop. Yesterday I saw a ton of pictures and tweets about people's local Lush stores with incredible window displays and even better #GayisOk soap bars... let me add these are gold and sparkly. This campaign is to continue raising awareness and ultimately continue fighting for equality everywhere in the world. Did you know in 76 countries it's still a crime to be gay, in some you risk losing your life over it. For me living in the UK as a gay lady this just blows my mind, it makes me extremely sad that people can't live being who they truly are.  

After reading lots about the campaign and seeing how excited people were getting over it I had to rush down to my local Lush store in Southampton and hope they were taking part in it. It's the best I've ever seen the shop look. It made me so extremely proud! What was lovely as well was the staff were just as excited over this campaign as I was. They asked me if I knew about it and even offered to take photos for me for my blog. Southampton Lush store, you are amazing.  

What if your love was illegal? That question really puts it into perspective for you doesn't it. Why are Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people's love any less special than someone who is heterosexual. Why in so many countries is this still such a huge issue. I feel extremely lucky to live in a country where being gay is almost at the point of being just as acceptable as anything else. Unfortunately though, others aren't and we need to change this. 

Honestly everybody, these bars of soap are just £4, that's 4 towards LGBT charities and helping this world become equal everywhere. Even better you get something that looks incredible and smells great too! 

If you guys want to get involved in this campaign, make sure you get down to your local Lush store and grab yourself one of these great #GayisOk soap bars. Take pictures, share it on social media, and get the word out there. You can read more about this over on the Lush website as well as being able to buy the soap if you are unable to get into a store to buy one. I believe this campaign is running till the 5th of July so you've still got plenty of time. You can also tweet/instagram using the hashtags #GayisOk #allout and don't forget to @ your local lush store so they can see for themselves! 

I hope you enjoyed this one, I'd love to see if you've bought your Gay is ok soap! Tweet me or follow me on instagram so I can check them out.

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  1. This is an absolutely amazing campaign. Thank you for sharing about it.

    1. It is a fantastic campaign that deserves to be shared for the world to see :) Glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. I was aware of the campaign and I think it's wonderful what they are doing.