Homeware Wishlist.

I never thought a few years back I'd now be getting excited over a vase or a set of candles but I've officially hit that stage in my life and no way am I afraid to admit it. Do you know how many lovely homeware accessories and d├ęcor there is out there, LOADS!!

I could easily spend ridiculous amounts of money on stuff that I either have no idea where I'll put it or I'm genuinely just buying it because it's beautiful. I wanted to make a quick homeware wish list, although wait I don't even have my own house. But I can't call it a bedroom wishlist, can I? Homeware sounded much better. 

I have been obsessed with vintage & white painted furniture for such a long time now and I'm slowly building up a collection that I shouldn't be proud of but sadly I am. I'm currently loving all the lovely prints next are selling at the moment, they never fail to put a smile on my face. 

I blame this blog post idea for me wanting even more homeware items, god damn it. I just can't resist!

1. Trio of cages tea light stand, £14.95. 2. Positivity Canvas, £25.  3. Three Buddha tealights, £184. Patchwork cushion covers, £14.95.  5. Ivory Rose metal shelf, £87.95. 6. Better Life print, £607. Metal wire basket, £9.99. 8. Daisy Cluster ceramic jug, £4.95.

All sites linked above are: www.next.co.uk / www.livelaughlove.co.uk / www.hm.com / www.melodymaison.co.uk

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