Glossybox June 2015

Another long time no see! I really have to start blogging more regularly. This month I subscribed to Glossybox which I've been super excited about for weeks now. I was really torn between Glossybox and Birchbox. Both seem very similar and my friend has been with Glossybox for a few months and highly recommended it so I thought I'd give it a go.

My First box arrived pretty quickly after subscribing to them for the £10 monthly subscription which you are able to unsubscribe from at any time which is perfect for me. The actual packaging is really pretty and well presented; I love all the finer details like the black ribbon. I think the smaller details make a product 10 times better. I just love the thought of getting a present each month not knowing what's going to be inside, I think for a tenner as well it’s well worth the money. 

 This month's box was festival themed, which for me sounded like it was going to be a good one. I opened it up to find 5 products, some full sized. These products included, 

- Halo Facial wipes 
- Kueshi Anti-cellulite booster cream
- Essence Nail Varnish 
- Monuspa Rosewood Reviving mist
- Tattoo's

 Out of the products in the box I will more than likely only find use for the Facial wipes and Monuspa face spray. But just like lots of other reviews I've read on this month’s box maybe this month just wasn't as suited to me as some people have loved this month’s edition. I've used both the wipes and spray so far, I'm not sure on the monuspa face spray yet as I have only used it a few times, but it would definitely come in use on hotter days. On the packaging it says it can fix make up but I am yet to test it for this use, so hopefully it actually works. The face wipes however were really lovely to use, they didn't feel too harsh on the skin and my make-up came off easily with them. If you were using these products for a festival as the theme suggests these would be extremely handy as the packaging is small with 10 wipes included. 

The last 3 products that I wasn't too thrilled over were the nail varnish, Kueshi cream and Glossybox tattoos. This is because they are a complete waste on me. The nail varnish would be great if I actually wore any, but I don't so it can go into my collection that I very rarely use. The Kueshi anticellulite booster was actually a full sized product, typically! I'm not ruling it out as it could possibly be quite useful, we will have to see. The tattoos were the most disappointing product for me this month, but I guess as it was festival themed I completely understand why they were relevant in this month’s box. Overall I guess for my first box I won't put too much into my thoughts on the products as I had no idea what to expect. All I know is I can't wait for July's box! 

What did you fellow Glossybox Subscribers think of this month’s box? Share your thoughts.


  1. Thats a shame you don't like some of the products, I really want to sign up to glossybox! would love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)

    The Fashion Road

    1. I'd recommend them but just be prepared to have some months not so good as others. I'll definitely check your blog out :)