What I've learnt since starting my blog.

I spent so much of my time dedicated to reading various blogs over the last few years, I'd read blog post after blog post never really thinking much of it. I knew I loved blogs, I didn't quite know I'd love being a blogger myself. 

This blog has only been up and running for 3 and half months now and I feel like in that short amount of time I have already come a long way. I read a few of my very first blog posts before doing this one and yes I cringed. 

I originally started this blog for just a bit of fun, I wasn't even going to share it publicly. I was adamant this would just be somewhere for me to come and write whatever was going on in my head. But things changed when I started writing about things that really matter to me. I have always wanted to and will continue to want to help people, if that's through my blog then that is the best thing ever. 

For me, I still have a full time job outside of this blog, I can't always regularly post and yes that is really crap at times. I mean yes, I would love to be one of those full time bloggers. But then again how scary is it that your whole income relies solely on the content you produce. If you start slacking, you don't earn. Is that pressure really for me? My blog is far from being the next big thing, I don't think it ever will be. What I do know is that's just fine for me. I have an outlet for all my thoughts and emotions, that's about all I need. 

Throughout this crazy blogging adventure I again quickly learnt that every blogger is guilty to shamelessly plugging their blog, sometimes a little too much. But how else do you get your blog posts out there for people to read. Social media is your best friend, I rely heavily on Twitter and Facebook to get my blog seen for me it's two of the easiest ways. Your blog doesn't get hundreds of views over night without you somehow promoting it. You have to be prepared to interact with other bloggers, commenting on other people’s posts and generally creating a good network of other bloggers around you. (I highly recommend taking part in blogger chats on Twitter and Facebook.)

The downside to blogging is not everybody is in it for the same reason as you are. I have seen a lot of people send me their blog links or ask me to follow them on various social media accounts for their own benefit. They have absolutely no interest in your blog and if it doesn't somehow benefit them they don't care. I just think that's kind of a shitty attitude to have. (Although, that has only been the small minority I should add!) I love nothing more than connecting with new bloggers and reading their posts. You can very quickly learn things about your own blog from reading others.

For my blog in the future I hope that I can expand it even further and create better content than I currently am. I'm still learning and I'm more than certain I will make some pretty bad mistakes along the way. I always thought it must be so easy running a blog, I was mistaken!! But I absolutely love it.

Some useful Twitter groups to follow -


Some Useful Facebook groups to join- 

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FBL: Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers 

If you know or are part of any twitter and Facebook groups that helped you with your blog, leave a comment below. I'd love to join some more and meet even more bloggers! :)


  1. I started blogging because I loved writing, and even though I only created my blog in January it's become so much more. It's a hobby, a creative outlet, a place to interact - it's incredible! I have learnt more about myself since starting my blog than I have without out it (in-fact turns out I have a love for interior design and clothing) x


    1. I agree, I've really learnt a lot about myself since starting my blog. It's amazing how sitting down to type up a blog post can cheer you up or take your mind off of something. I absolutely love your blog template!! x

  2. Thanks for posting these tips! It does get hard being a blogger sometimes, and any useful resources helps!

    The Gift of Gab | http://gabofgift.wordpress.com

    1. I'm glad my tips helped you out a little bit, we could all do with some help now and again :) I know I certainly do.