The C-Word.

If you scroll through my blog you'll see I never have and I don't think I ever will do a review on any kind of TV programme or film. Today's post though is a little different. 

Last night I watched the incredible 'The C-Word' and I really mean it when I say incredible. I saw it advertised and read endless tweets from people saying just how good it was. Well they were certainly right.

The C-Word is a 90 minute film on BBC 1 showing the life of Lisa Lynch, an incredibly moving, very honest yet comical at times insight to the battle Lisa Lynch faced with Cancer... or as she liked to call it 'the bullshit'. Sheridan Smith who portrays Lisa done an amazing job at really connecting with the audience watching, I mean she even shaved her hair off for the part. Dedication! 

Lisa Lynch started a blog back in 2008 after she found out there was a possibility she could have breast cancer, from there it took off. It gained more and more attention and Lisa even brought a book out based from her blog After personally reading her blog right back from her very first post and to her last I somehow felt even more connected to her story and it has certainly given me a lot more insight to just how difficult, scary and devastating cancer is. I mean when you hear the word cancer, I think the look of fear hits everybody. 

The reason I felt passionate enough to write a blog post on this film was because it was so cleverly put together. I feel like you really got to know each and every character, why? Because it was REAL. This isn't some made up fictional story, this was a woman's life, her story and her family's story. Her family must be so incredibly proud of the mark Lisa has left on the world today!

I really do believe this is a film that should be watched by everybody, it has the power to save lives if it helps just a handful of people that watched it and thought I must go get that checked out. As it was echoed throughout the film Lisa was only 28 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, who believes anything like that will happen to them so young... when does anybody believe it will happen to them? 

Lisa Lynch died at the age of 33, leaving behind her Husband Peter and a loving family. Each and every family member and friend that was portrayed in the film truly touched my heart and I genuinely believe it will be something that stays with me forever. 

You can watch the film here...

You can buy the book here...

You can find her amazing blog here...

Celebrate life every single day.

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