Family dynamics

I'm back... well almost! I'm so sorry for my absence from blogging lately it's kind of been a challenging few months for me and my blog but I'm getting through it slowly but surely. 

I've been thinking lately about my life in general and what I've achieved so far. I wouldn't say I've achieved hugely within the academic or career path but I've definitely come a long way in my personal life. I don't think I could have if it wasn't for my rather extended family.

My family aren't what you’d consider straight forward but I quite rather like that, I think it goes well with my personality and my life as a whole. When you think back to that traditional family life style, mine isn't that. But I think that could be said for a lot of families in this day and age. 

To some my situation could seem unlucky, to me though I feel extremely fortunate. I get to have two completely different, yet equally amazing families. On one side I have my Mum, brothers, Nieces, Aunties, Uncle, Cousins, Grandad ect and on the other I have my Dad, Step Mum, Step sisters, Auntie, Cousins & even more extended family. What more could I ask for?

That traditional family equation is sadly a thing of the past for a lot of people in the world today. But when I say sadly surely I'm being a hypocrite because I've just said how lucky I am to have my family, each and every one of them. Coming from a 'broken family' (god I absolutely hate that phrase) isn't easy, especially if you're old enough to understand what's happening and the consequences to everything that is going on. I feel rather silly for being able to appreciate my naivety and age when my parents broke up, I guess it probably made it easier because I can't remember a thing. 

After the break up eventually in a lot of cases your parents move on and then comes the family you never expected to have, BUT are so bloody thankful for. My Dad got married to my Step Mum when I was still quite young, although by this time I was old enough to understand. I probably wasn't the easiest child to form a bond with, but I hope like many others that have been in a situation similar to mine had the same experience. I'd like to think that's a thing of the past now! I mean nobody can deny that it isn't extremely hard for everybody involved. Suddenly you're dealing with a New Mother figure and 3 sisters you've always wished for... wish granted. But I was too young to realise that my Step Mum was having to adjust to an extra child and my Step sisters had to get used to gaining an extra little sister, you lucky buggers. I love them just as much as I do my older brothers.

So many years on now and it feels like they've all been part of my life forever, see this 'broken family' so many people could associate me with is far from the truth. At the mature age of 20, yes I'm partial to being mature sometimes I can fully appreciate the wonderful way this world works and what I've been given in life so far. When I was little I just thought it was a bonus I got to have two Christmases, of course now in all my maturity I realised it's so much more than that. (I definitely still get two Christmases).

So if you ever find yourself in a situation like mine, make the best out of it. It's out of your control and who knows you may even bag yourself an extended family like I did. 

Isn't this just lovely.

P.s I had to give a massive shout out to my Sister Vicky and Darren who are getting married on Friday, I can't wait. Congratulations to you both I'm so excited!! :)

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