A letter to my teenage self.

Dear 15 year old me,

Well you're 20 now, almost heading for 21. AHHHH where did that time go?! 

You've just started your GCSE'S and are counting down the days till you leave. You think school is the absolute worst thing... sorry you were wrong. Sorry you never realised how right people were when they told you your school years would be some of the best years of your life.

5 years & 10 months on you're in a good job, with good friends and the best family. Best of all you finally found that courage to come out at the age of 19!!!! YOU'RE FINALLY HAPPY. I knew you'd get there eventually. Believe it or not you finally beat that horrible dark period you struggled with for the majority of your teenage years. This calls for celebration, although I am more than certain you have done plenty of that since turning 18. 

Although you never thought you'd get to this point in life, you proved to everybody you could. You proved that although it took a long time to get to where you are today, you did it at the age of 20. 

A lot has changed in these 5 years that have passed, you still spend way too much time on your laptop... but my excuse now is these blog posts won't write themselves. What was your excuse back then? You've been heartbroken, completely lost and at times felt like nothing would get better but they did. They get so much better, in fact they get so much better that you find yourself smiling for absolutely no reason at all. I know for 15 year old me that is so hard to believe. 

Let me tell you that you're the luckiest person to have such supportive friends and family around you, please remember to appreciate them each and every day. Without them, well you would not be the person you grew up to be. 

Just one last thing, that shy and extremely lacking in confidence girl you are right now doesn't exist anymore... Yes you grew up to be a bitch. I'm joking!! (Well only with Louise you can act like a bitch and it be acceptable.) You found self-confidence from somewhere and no longer get painfully shy when chucked in the deep end of a situation. It was one of the best things to happen to your personality. If only you knew that at 15.

You have to get through the tough days to make it where you are today. Happiness comes within! 

I hope you believe me, you just wait and see.

Yours truly. 

P.s Don't be angry but you still haven't got that tattoo you've wanted for such a long time. Almost 3 years on from 18 and you're still saying you'll get it soon... will you really?

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