Family dynamics

I'm back... well almost! I'm so sorry for my absence from blogging lately it's kind of been a challenging few months for me and my blog but I'm getting through it slowly but surely. 

I've been thinking lately about my life in general and what I've achieved so far. I wouldn't say I've achieved hugely within the academic or career path but I've definitely come a long way in my personal life. I don't think I could have if it wasn't for my rather extended family.

My family aren't what you’d consider straight forward but I quite rather like that, I think it goes well with my personality and my life as a whole. When you think back to that traditional family life style, mine isn't that. But I think that could be said for a lot of families in this day and age. 

To some my situation could seem unlucky, to me though I feel extremely fortunate. I get to have two completely different, yet equally amazing families. On one side I have my Mum, brothers, Nieces, Aunties, Uncle, Cousins, Grandad ect and on the other I have my Dad, Step Mum, Step sisters, Auntie, Cousins & even more extended family. What more could I ask for?

That traditional family equation is sadly a thing of the past for a lot of people in the world today. But when I say sadly surely I'm being a hypocrite because I've just said how lucky I am to have my family, each and every one of them. Coming from a 'broken family' (god I absolutely hate that phrase) isn't easy, especially if you're old enough to understand what's happening and the consequences to everything that is going on. I feel rather silly for being able to appreciate my naivety and age when my parents broke up, I guess it probably made it easier because I can't remember a thing. 

After the break up eventually in a lot of cases your parents move on and then comes the family you never expected to have, BUT are so bloody thankful for. My Dad got married to my Step Mum when I was still quite young, although by this time I was old enough to understand. I probably wasn't the easiest child to form a bond with, but I hope like many others that have been in a situation similar to mine had the same experience. I'd like to think that's a thing of the past now! I mean nobody can deny that it isn't extremely hard for everybody involved. Suddenly you're dealing with a New Mother figure and 3 sisters you've always wished for... wish granted. But I was too young to realise that my Step Mum was having to adjust to an extra child and my Step sisters had to get used to gaining an extra little sister, you lucky buggers. I love them just as much as I do my older brothers.

So many years on now and it feels like they've all been part of my life forever, see this 'broken family' so many people could associate me with is far from the truth. At the mature age of 20, yes I'm partial to being mature sometimes I can fully appreciate the wonderful way this world works and what I've been given in life so far. When I was little I just thought it was a bonus I got to have two Christmases, of course now in all my maturity I realised it's so much more than that. (I definitely still get two Christmases).

So if you ever find yourself in a situation like mine, make the best out of it. It's out of your control and who knows you may even bag yourself an extended family like I did. 

Isn't this just lovely.

P.s I had to give a massive shout out to my Sister Vicky and Darren who are getting married on Friday, I can't wait. Congratulations to you both I'm so excited!! :)

Bloggers block and a whole load of comparisons

I'm currently going through that horrible phase of bloggers block. I can't for the life of me think of anything to post and when I finally come up with an idea it just doesn't seem good enough. 

I've been searching other people’s blogs, asking for advice on blogger groups and still nothing. I was reading these great ideas but somehow I still couldn't think of ANYTHING. Then it hit me, I just need to remember why I started my blog in the first place. I started it for fun, nothing more nothing less. 

Over the last few months I've found myself frantically comparing myself to other bloggers, some of who are high profile bloggers and well I guess you could say it does leave you feeling kind of shitty afterwards. I never compare myself to others in real life because I know who I am is all I've got so why compare my blog to others? I've learnt its natural and I'm not the only one to do this. Through comparing I began to doubt my whole blog. I began to dislike previous blog posts I've produced, I gave my blog a makeover and genuinely felt disheartened by the whole process. I know how stupid that sounds now. 

I hope soon enough this bloggers block is a distant memory, although I'm almost certain it will crop up from time to time like I said it’s only natural. Instead, next time I hope I can see it as a positive learning curve and maybe then I will get out of it a lot quicker than this time round. Any blog whether big or small is personal to the person behind it. Starting a blog takes courage and a lot of hard work so I'm actually pretty proud of myself for putting my blog out there for the world to read whether that's family, friends or complete strangers. Starting my blog was one of the best things I've ever done.

If you ever have to overcome bloggers block or comparing yourself to other bloggers just remember you blog for you firstly and foremost and gaining followers and readers along the way is a bonus! Of course we also blog because we want to create great content for whoever may read but stay true to yourself and remember why you started blogging in the first place. 

What I've learnt since starting my blog.

I spent so much of my time dedicated to reading various blogs over the last few years, I'd read blog post after blog post never really thinking much of it. I knew I loved blogs, I didn't quite know I'd love being a blogger myself. 

This blog has only been up and running for 3 and half months now and I feel like in that short amount of time I have already come a long way. I read a few of my very first blog posts before doing this one and yes I cringed. 

I originally started this blog for just a bit of fun, I wasn't even going to share it publicly. I was adamant this would just be somewhere for me to come and write whatever was going on in my head. But things changed when I started writing about things that really matter to me. I have always wanted to and will continue to want to help people, if that's through my blog then that is the best thing ever. 

For me, I still have a full time job outside of this blog, I can't always regularly post and yes that is really crap at times. I mean yes, I would love to be one of those full time bloggers. But then again how scary is it that your whole income relies solely on the content you produce. If you start slacking, you don't earn. Is that pressure really for me? My blog is far from being the next big thing, I don't think it ever will be. What I do know is that's just fine for me. I have an outlet for all my thoughts and emotions, that's about all I need. 

Throughout this crazy blogging adventure I again quickly learnt that every blogger is guilty to shamelessly plugging their blog, sometimes a little too much. But how else do you get your blog posts out there for people to read. Social media is your best friend, I rely heavily on Twitter and Facebook to get my blog seen for me it's two of the easiest ways. Your blog doesn't get hundreds of views over night without you somehow promoting it. You have to be prepared to interact with other bloggers, commenting on other people’s posts and generally creating a good network of other bloggers around you. (I highly recommend taking part in blogger chats on Twitter and Facebook.)

The downside to blogging is not everybody is in it for the same reason as you are. I have seen a lot of people send me their blog links or ask me to follow them on various social media accounts for their own benefit. They have absolutely no interest in your blog and if it doesn't somehow benefit them they don't care. I just think that's kind of a shitty attitude to have. (Although, that has only been the small minority I should add!) I love nothing more than connecting with new bloggers and reading their posts. You can very quickly learn things about your own blog from reading others.

For my blog in the future I hope that I can expand it even further and create better content than I currently am. I'm still learning and I'm more than certain I will make some pretty bad mistakes along the way. I always thought it must be so easy running a blog, I was mistaken!! But I absolutely love it.

Some useful Twitter groups to follow -


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If you know or are part of any twitter and Facebook groups that helped you with your blog, leave a comment below. I'd love to join some more and meet even more bloggers! :)

A letter to my teenage self.

Dear 15 year old me,

Well you're 20 now, almost heading for 21. AHHHH where did that time go?! 

You've just started your GCSE'S and are counting down the days till you leave. You think school is the absolute worst thing... sorry you were wrong. Sorry you never realised how right people were when they told you your school years would be some of the best years of your life.

5 years & 10 months on you're in a good job, with good friends and the best family. Best of all you finally found that courage to come out at the age of 19!!!! YOU'RE FINALLY HAPPY. I knew you'd get there eventually. Believe it or not you finally beat that horrible dark period you struggled with for the majority of your teenage years. This calls for celebration, although I am more than certain you have done plenty of that since turning 18. 

Although you never thought you'd get to this point in life, you proved to everybody you could. You proved that although it took a long time to get to where you are today, you did it at the age of 20. 

A lot has changed in these 5 years that have passed, you still spend way too much time on your laptop... but my excuse now is these blog posts won't write themselves. What was your excuse back then? You've been heartbroken, completely lost and at times felt like nothing would get better but they did. They get so much better, in fact they get so much better that you find yourself smiling for absolutely no reason at all. I know for 15 year old me that is so hard to believe. 

Let me tell you that you're the luckiest person to have such supportive friends and family around you, please remember to appreciate them each and every day. Without them, well you would not be the person you grew up to be. 

Just one last thing, that shy and extremely lacking in confidence girl you are right now doesn't exist anymore... Yes you grew up to be a bitch. I'm joking!! (Well only with Louise you can act like a bitch and it be acceptable.) You found self-confidence from somewhere and no longer get painfully shy when chucked in the deep end of a situation. It was one of the best things to happen to your personality. If only you knew that at 15.

You have to get through the tough days to make it where you are today. Happiness comes within! 

I hope you believe me, you just wait and see.

Yours truly. 

P.s Don't be angry but you still haven't got that tattoo you've wanted for such a long time. Almost 3 years on from 18 and you're still saying you'll get it soon... will you really?

The C-Word.

If you scroll through my blog you'll see I never have and I don't think I ever will do a review on any kind of TV programme or film. Today's post though is a little different. 

Last night I watched the incredible 'The C-Word' and I really mean it when I say incredible. I saw it advertised and read endless tweets from people saying just how good it was. Well they were certainly right.

The C-Word is a 90 minute film on BBC 1 showing the life of Lisa Lynch, an incredibly moving, very honest yet comical at times insight to the battle Lisa Lynch faced with Cancer... or as she liked to call it 'the bullshit'. Sheridan Smith who portrays Lisa done an amazing job at really connecting with the audience watching, I mean she even shaved her hair off for the part. Dedication! 

Lisa Lynch started a blog back in 2008 after she found out there was a possibility she could have breast cancer, from there it took off. It gained more and more attention and Lisa even brought a book out based from her blog After personally reading her blog right back from her very first post and to her last I somehow felt even more connected to her story and it has certainly given me a lot more insight to just how difficult, scary and devastating cancer is. I mean when you hear the word cancer, I think the look of fear hits everybody. 

The reason I felt passionate enough to write a blog post on this film was because it was so cleverly put together. I feel like you really got to know each and every character, why? Because it was REAL. This isn't some made up fictional story, this was a woman's life, her story and her family's story. Her family must be so incredibly proud of the mark Lisa has left on the world today!

I really do believe this is a film that should be watched by everybody, it has the power to save lives if it helps just a handful of people that watched it and thought I must go get that checked out. As it was echoed throughout the film Lisa was only 28 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, who believes anything like that will happen to them so young... when does anybody believe it will happen to them? 

Lisa Lynch died at the age of 33, leaving behind her Husband Peter and a loving family. Each and every family member and friend that was portrayed in the film truly touched my heart and I genuinely believe it will be something that stays with me forever. 

You can watch the film here...

You can buy the book here...

You can find her amazing blog here...

Celebrate life every single day.

7 places around the world I'd love to visit!

So there is absolutely no denying that I think everyone in their lifetime says the words "I want to go travelling!" at least once, am I right?

I've always wanted to since I was in my early teens, although life certainly didn't take me in that direction. It may in the future, but right now I have bigger goals and ambitions I'd like to achieve. 

I can only imagine the amazing experiences and life lessons you learn whilst travelling the world, as well as the incredible memories that last a life time. I hope one day I'll be able to visit just half the places if not all of them that I list in this post. (Although I can tick one off, I have been to Paris... Disneyland. That still counts right?)

1. What I would do to visit this beautiful city!! I can't count the years I have said I want to travel to New York. I say this list is in no order but this is definitely number 1. So much to do and so much to see.

2. Only one of the most amazing Countries ever... well I imagine it to be. 

3. I could have been there this time next year with a bunch of other bloggers, although I said no. I'd love to be able to say I've been there one day.

4. Somewhere a little closer to home and more affordable! Particularly Dublin.

5. Like I previously said I guess I can half tick this one off the list as I have been there. I'd love to go back one day and see the Eiffel Tower and all the tourist areas. I think it's such a beautiful city.

6. I'd LOVE to see the Northern Lights one day, how amazing. 

7. The cliché when somebody says they want to visit Italy would probably be Rome, so yes I am cliché. But I'd also love to visit many other places in Italy.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even found some inspiration for places you'd love to visit one day.