Bloggers guilt

I really wanted to start April off with some exciting content but honestly, I'm really struggling.

This subject doesn't get spoken about enough in the blogging community I don't believe. Everybody concentrates on the exciting, fun parts about blogging but forgets to mention that unfortunately there are times where you just don't want to blog at all. 

Blogging can be somewhat of an escape when you're having a stressful week, but sometimes it can just put 10 times more pressure on you. If you don't post for days is that it? Will people suddenly stop coming to your blog because they are bored of not seeing any new posts. When I started my blog in February I was posting every single day, I had so many ideas and of course I still do but now I don't quite know how to give it that 'wow' factor I guess you could say.

The last few weeks of March were especially bad for me, I felt like I barely had a minute to think let alone somehow come up with content for my blog every day. I watched my views go from in there hundreds (which for me is amazing!!) to not even 20 views a day, I felt so disheartened and like I had somehow let myself down. I managed to finish March with my March favourites which I promised myself I'd do as soon as I published my February favourites, so I guess I accomplished something, right? 

I mean it doesn't matter how many ideas you have, unless you are really in the right frame of mind to write a well put together blog post it's extremely hard. To me I aim for my posts to stand out to other readers and for them to actually be able to find something in common with what I'm writing about. I need that excitement back! 

I guess what I'm trying to say is its okay to not always be at the top of your game. We can't always be perfect achievers as much as we would like to be. I'm no high profile blogger and I already feel guilty when I don't post for a few days. So I have A LOT of respect for those bloggers that are well known and continue to bring us new content every few days if not every day. 

Blogging really is a lot more than just sitting in front of your computer typing a few sentences and hitting 'publish'. So much goes into a post before its put out there for the public to read, bloggers should be supportive of one another not in competition.