why quality is better than quantity.

The world is crazy with social media today, it's all about how many friends you have on facebook or how many followers you have on twitter and instagram. Realistically how many of them people do you actually talk to, or worse even know? It's pretty sad when you look at the world like that isn't it. 

If there is one thing I was taught whilst growing up it was that the quality of friends means a whole lot more than the quantity. I mean sure you can have loads of friends, but soon don't they just become numbers instead of authentic friendships. That doesn't sound very enjoyable to me.

Those 900 friends you have on facebook aren't 'friends' maybe 10 of them are, the ones you can really rely on when you need them. The rest are acquaintances that you knew 5 years ago that have absolutely no impact on your life but give you entertainment now and again when you're scrolling through your facebook feed at 2am in the morning.

When you're younger, in school having loads of friends some how makes you 'popular'. Really, does it? I'd rather have 1 good friend that I know would do anything for me than 20 pointless friends counting you as a figure to their friends list instead of valuing your friendship. 

You get to a point in life where everybody figures out the rule of quality over quantity, for some it takes a little longer to get there. You don't quite realise just how much this rule applies until you really need a friend in a time of need. 

So remember having loads of 'friends' that aren't really friends at all won't help you progress onto bigger and better things, they won't help you land that dream job you've wanted since you was little and one final thing they won't always want the best for you. Just because you're nice to them & want the best, doesn't mean the feeling is mutual both ways. 

Always appreciate the friends who have been there through everything and anything and continue to love you even when you may not deserve it sometimes. True friendship lasts a life time and teaches you so many things along the way.


  1. I love this post and it so true. There is more emphasis these days on the number of friends you have online than the quality of the friends you have! Keep up the good work. D&L - Your Beauty Wonderland

  2. Thank you again! I'm really happy you enjoyed my post and could relate. I know so many people go on about how many followers they have on social media forgetting real friends. Take care :) x