Why I've not been blogging.

The guilt hit, but then I also remember I do have a life outside of this crazy blogging world. 

Anyway, if you are a dedicated reader here (do they even exist?) if they do I love you! I've had a crazy 2 weeks. When I say crazy I mean I've been ill, ridiculously busy and then as of Monday I've been making trips to the hospital and waiting hours with my mum, as she's in hospital at the moment. So unfortunately blogging hasn't been my top priority, sorry! Although I've had posts up every single day so far, I haven't physically written anything for the week ahead.

I feel bad for making these rambling posts because who wants to come to a blog and read about somebody else's problems eh? Not me. I know I go to other blogs to read their posts to take my mind off other things not feel like I've taken on somebody else's world.

But then I got thinking and well essentially this whole blog of mine is a big creation from ideas I have in my head... wow scary right. So it is only natural that now and again my emotions will take over and create a wonderful non edited quick 10 minute post like this one. Just like any other blogger in the world!

You get stuck between the do I not post anything at all or do I post something that isn't going to be the most interesting. That dilemma sucks, especially when I put in so much hard work trying to make the content of my blog enjoyable for people to read, share and talk about. 

So hopefully over the next few days maybe even a week I will have some new stuff for you to read. I did have a pretty exciting offer so that will definitely generate some amazing stuff for me to talk about with you all.

Sorry, kinda not really. It's real life and family & health always come above anything else.

Here's a lovely picture of what I was starring at for at least 14 hours, let's just take that in and understand why my brain is unable to process anything half decent to talk about.

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