Throwback Thursday!

I was inspired to do this post after finding some extremely old photos on my phone, I wish I had so many more to embarrass myself with but sadly I don't.

Firstly, I'd like to ask why an earth parents thought it was acceptable to dress us so awfully bad when we were too young to know what fashion was, but still that is besides the point. You'll be happy to know, and so will your eyes that I don't have any fashion disaster photos coming up.

This is one of my favourite photos, just look at that 90's décor. How was 2 year old me (I'm guessing I was around that age) more tanned than I have ever been in my whole adult life? Am I seriously jealous of my two year old self. I'm not sure I could pull off those glasses or shoes anymore either! My dog Barney was obviously my best friend too at the time, that poor dog I bet it wasn't long till I started dressing him up as well.

90's baby at it's best.
Sorry for anyone who reads this, I can't prepare your eyes enough to witness my rag doll appearance. I have to say the hair on me is pretty impressive! Again, that 90's décor, just look at those sofas in the background. I'm enjoying the V shapes, receding hair line of a 50 year old man before I even started growing any, lovely. Thanks for the great genes Mum & Dad. 

Who got a toothbrush for Christmas... me by the looks of it! I have to say I wish I had memories from this age, I look at these photos and I can't remember a thing. Maybe that's a good thing when my hair looked like that, who's laughing now. 

I'm a little cute here, right?
I saved the best of the bunch till last because it will always be a very special photo to me! Me at my christening with my lovely Nan. She sadly died when I was 11, so I love coming across things like this. So young when it happened, yet I have so many memories of her and spending time with her. I love that! She was one of a kind :)

My nan rocked big glasses.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this quick fun post, well it was fun for me anyway! I love looking back on old photos of me and my family as well as others too, it's something I don't do enough. Hopefully I can make a follow up to this post when I get my hands on many more embarrassing photos to share.

Got any embarrassing photos? Share them with the world! It brings back a whole load of love. 

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