The Versatile Award

Hey everyone. I got nominated for The Versatile Award by Simply Inspired, which I wasn't expecting as my blog is fairly new, so thank you! :) 

The Rules

- Thank the blogger who nominated you, hopefully with a lovely link to their blog
- Tell 7 facts about yourself
- Finally, nominate 5-15 other blogs that you have recently discovered for the award

7 Facts about me

1) I want to be a Paramedic one day.

2) I have two blogs, this one & one on Tumblr! 

3) This one is a bit obvious right, I'm gay! 

4) I would love to be able to play the guitar but I don't have the patience to teach myself. 

5) I'm obsessed with vintage home décor.

6) I would love to travel the world, maybe some day ehh.

7) I am way too emotional, which sometimes isn't a great thing. 

Blogs I nominate

The Second Opinion 
Your Beauty Wonderland
Becky Bea
Blogger James
A Girl and A Beauty Blog

When you've completed yours let me know by commenting below or you can tweet me- @hannahshambrook. Enjoy :)

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  1. We completed our nomination! :) Thanks again for nominating us! :)