The stigma surrounding mental health.

I know this post won't be suited to everyone and if you aren't prepared to get a little deep right now, stop reading & come back when you are.

Mental health illnesses...what are they? why do people have them? Is it just an excuse? Yes they are seriously some of the questions I've read on the internet or even worse heard people say in person.

This is such an important issue close to my heart, as well as so many others around me. Mental health illnesses are extremely common, yet there is such a stigma attached too every single illness and it makes me so angry. 

I once read a quote that said "If you don't understand mental illness, good! Good for you, you shouldn't have to understand." Ignorance is key to stigmatising such awful illnesses. I mean don't get me wrong, if you don't have a clue what mental illnesses can do to a person then you're lucky. 

So many people who suffer from mental health will experience some sort of discrimination which only makes things worse, this can come from society, work, friends or even family. It can leave someone feeling isolated and a lot more likely in them delaying in receiving any sort of help.

1 in 4 people in the UK are affected by mental health problems sometime in their life,yes that's ONE IN FOUR!! If it didn't already, I hope that opens up peoples eyes and makes them realise just how common it is. It isn't weird, it isn't that persons fault and they most definitely didn't wish it upon themselves.

I never thought I'd share such a personal part of my life to strangers over the internet, but when I look back to when I finally closed the last chapter to that part of my life it was the BEST FEELING EVER!! I'd say it's taken me 5/6 long years to fully come out of the other side of depression & anxiety. If I wasn't I don't think I could bring myself to publish this post, let alone write it. But now, I've found the real meaning of happiness and I didn't need to rely on anyone else for that. I know you can all shout and tell me how cringey I am!

I just believe we all need to be a little more educated on thing's going on in the world, whether it effects our lives personally or not. There is no harm in learning something new that may never be useful for yourself, but I can almost guarantee you could use that new found knowledge to help somebody else out.

One saying I used to hate was "stay positive" now I'm the one using it daily! It truly makes a difference to your mind set & attitude. You can go along way if you believe in yourself and what you stand for.

Give yourself a helping hand and smile, it's infectious and nobody can resist smiling back at somebody!! I hope not anyway, that's rude.


  1. So true! As soon as people find out you have a mental illness such as depression you are treated differently, and "stay positive" and "just get over it" are two major statements that are used. A lot of people say they don't get it or don't understand, when really, when someone is suffering from the likes of depression they just want someone to listen and stay by them. Thank you for this post, I like it when people are brave enough to write about such things, Angelica x

  2. Thank you Angelica! I'm glad you enjoyed the post :) I'm sure do a second part to this at some point so I'll appreciate your feed back when that time comes x