Saturday smoothie making!

You may or may not be aware that right now I'm a little addicted to smoothies! okay maybe A LOT. 

I absolutely love making my own and experimenting with different fruits to get a lovely drink at the end of it. It's even better that they are really healthy for you! 

Today's smoothie was supposedly called strawberry dream... except it tasted of bananas.

This is one of the most simple smoothies to make and pretty cheap too, my ingredients included- 
  • 8 strawberries... You can add more like me!
  • 20 grapes
  • 2 bananas... I'd advise to only using 1, it overpowered the taste by putting 2 in :(

so colourful.
I added a some pure orange juice to the fruit before blending, and kept pouring a little bit in throughout. After blending for 2 minutes at a low setting I added 5 ice cubes and blended again at a higher setting.

Once you've finished blending you can choose to sieve the smoothie to get rid of the grape skins but I didn't and it turnt out just fine. Then just put it into the fridge when finished.

Enjoy! :)

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