my week through instagram.

I feel sometimes photos on my instagram miss out on being blog worthy content so I'll do my week round up! Because lets face it, who doesn't like being a little nosey from time to time. 

Who knew Bella Italia done such AMAZING hot chocolates & Coffee's!! Brownies, marshmallows and even a chocolate spoon to finish it off with. Perfect excuse to go there and eat loads of pizza.

My niece doesn't like taking normal photos, also insists on making silly faces or doing extremely cheesy smiles to the camera.

This retweet right here is the best thing. Hannah Gale runs an amazing blog and I've been reading it for such a long time now, seriously though the addiction isn't normal. I may of fangirled a little, JUST A LITTLE BIT!

Shall we take sometime to appreciate these vanilla and strawberry cupcakes I made earlier this week, yes we shall. Diet? sorry what diet. (May of felt guilty after eating too many.)

Is that a pout I see, yes I think so. Why, I don't know but it's bloody awful. Somebody remind me to never do that again. My favourite new kimono jacket is also a massive bonus to this somewhat kind of okay half face selfie. I will be adding it to a post later on in the month, with details of where it is from.
My weekend was so special, we celebrated my Grandad's 80th birthday! He sleeps, a lot. I don't blame him, he's a smart man. 

Spring has arrived! The sun is shining and that means going on Sunday walks, surely they are good for them dreaded weekend hangovers. I had a beautiful sunny walk through the park and repaid myself in kindness with dinner at the Harvester... okay my Dad & Step mum did so it was all great.

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