My mid week shopping haul!

It may not be the middle of the week but it's close enough, it's also my only day off so I thought I'd get into town whilst I could and snap up some of the Lush Easter range!

So lets get on with it! I know you are all dying to see what I bought aren't you? 

Lush haul

The first thing I picked up in lush was the Twilight bath bomb, now I'm pretty sure this one has been out for ages but I cant remember ever seeing it in store or ever buying one, so I'm excited to see what it's like. It smells lovely though and its also supposed to help you sleep better, worth a try I guess.

The next product I saw immediately caught my eye, I've been wanting to buy it since I saw their Easter collection online and I'm SO happy my local lush store hadn't already sold out as a few bits have already. It is the Golden Egg bath bomb melt, it's so glittery and gold and magical!! Hopefully it is as good as it looks, PLEASE.

Another Easter product I bought was the Fluffy Egg bath bomb, I remember this one from last Easter and it smelt absolutely amazing, it's very similar to the snow fairy shower gel.

My last bath product I picked up was the Rose bubble bar, again I've never seen this one in the lush store I shop at, it's really small but it looked too nice not to buy! 

If you read 'My February Favourites' you'd of seen me rant and rave about how fantastic the Love Lettuce face mask is, so of course I bought my fourth pot of it. I also decided to try out the Skin Drink moisturiser as well to use after I've used the face mask just to keep my face feeling moisturised and fresh. I can't wait to try all these amazing products out! 

I quite literally had to force myself out of the Lush store, I think I have a problem.

Little bits and pieces for my march project

This month I've decided to be a little bit more productive with my spare time and days off from work. So every month my aim is to try and achieve something I've always wanted to do or to make something. 

The first thing I need to sort out is being more organised, so I picked up this hardback Aztec patterned notebook in WHSmith, it was only £4 and I couldn't leave without it! My plan is to use it to write down and plan future blog posts, smoothie recipes and future monthly projects. 

I managed to pick up a cute roll of fabric boarder for my scrapbook, as well as a colourful set of fine liner pens! 

The last buy is a bit of a cheat as I ordered them online but they came today. I've finally got more film for my instax mini!!! I've missed using it the last few weeks as I stupidly wasted the last few I had left on photos that didn't even develop properly :( I found some lovely pink polka dot patterned film as well as the original, so that should keep me going.

Here's to a much more productive, lovely smelling (thanks to Lush) March! :)

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