My March favourites!

After my February favourites post went pretty well and I loved doing it I thought I'd give it another go and show you what I'm loving in March & some of my new buys... it's pay day after all!!

Lets get on with it, I ramble too much in my posts which leads nicely onto my first few favourites.

1. These amazing little notebooks.

You can find them on a website called Oh Deer. They sell really quirky little bits and pieces. These 3 notepads come in a pack and they are £5.95. Highly recommend if you're the type to write down tons of notes or do little sketches, The paper is just plain white, not lined. I love them! 

2. 365 Blog topic ideas, By Dana Fox // Stop Procrastinating post it notes. 

Is it cheating? No. I love this book by Dana Fox. Sometimes when you're lacking that motivation or have completely hit a brick wall with what to post next on your blog flicking through this book gives you so many ideas! Nobody is saying you have to completely take the ideas from the book either, it just helps you out now and again when you're suffering from writer's block. I can't say a bad word about it. I purchased mine off of Amazon for £10.80 and it arrived pretty quickly. 

The 'Stop Procrastinating' post it notes are also from Oh Deer, at £1,95. They have a whole collection to choose from, I'm a little addicted to that website right now!

3. Lush stuff... as usual.

Of course I gave in and bought more things from Lush, do I need to? Nope. Will I continue buying more and more stuff? Yes of course, I have a serious addiction. 

I bought,

Blackberry bath bomb. This is a simple one, but so good.

Dorothy Bubble Bar. I am yet to use this! Every time I am in Lush I go to buy it but I never get round to it, so finally it's mine. 

Butterball bath bomb. One of the classics, leaves your skin feeling amazing and smells lovely as well. Again it isn't anything special, it's not one of the really colourful ones with glitter in but it's still just as good.

Space Girl bath bomb. Oh I love this one so much, it's colourful and has popping candy in it, SERIOUSLY IT DOES!! It's one of the exciting ones as I like to call it, it turns the water such an amazing colour, if you like fruity sweet smells this is perfect for you. 

Sweetie Pie shower jelly. Am I allowed to be stupidly excited over this last product? How has someone as obsessed with Lush like I am never tried shower jelly?!! I always walk past shower products, I've been making a huge mistake clearly. As soon as I smelt the sweetie pie jelly I already knew I'd love the product. I'd definitely say it is probably the best smelling product I have ever bought from Lush.

4. Candles... I couldn't link them sorry. 

I bought these from John Lewis. After failing to find some new bits and pieces for my bedroom, I gave in but I couldn't leave the shop empty handed. I have to say Blush is definitely my favourite out of the two, they are really handy little tins to have around the house. I'm very impressed! Although a little pricey for just candles, they are £8.50 each I believe.

5. Primark. Again sorry I can't link, they really should have an online store.

I haven't shopped in Primark in a very long time. When I do find myself wondering through the store it fills me with dread. It's messy, there are so many people and you can never find the right things. 

Too much spare time on my hands I decided to brave it and have a look around. I managed to buy a new bag for £12, which I thought was a bargain and the most comfortable pair of flats you will ever find. It basically feels like you aren't even wearing shoes they are that comfortable! At only £6 I found myself another bargain. 

You can never go wrong with a plain black bag and pair of shoes, they will pretty much go with anything and everything. Successful Primark trip has most definitely been achieved! 

Done a March favourites post? Comment it below I would love to read yours! :)

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