Is university for everyone?

Do I, or don't I go to University? A question so many of us ask ourselves as we approach the beginning of adulthood.

I personally chose not to go to university when I was fresh out of college! One reason being, I didn't complete my A levels, another because at the time I just wanted to get out in the real world and start earning some money! I also wasn't completely sure what I wanted to do as a career.

From the minute you start school for some reason the pathway of school, college, university is chucked at all of us, as if that's the only way you will ever achieve anything. Well let me tell you it isn't and we should never be taught to think that way. 

I made a small list of the pro's & con's to both going to university and not going.

Pros of going to university.

  • You leave with a degree (hopefully in what you want to do for a career)
  • You meet lots of new people
  • You become more independent (if you move away for uni!)
Cons of going to university.
  • Student debt
  • Moving away (you may not want to but have to do a specific degree)
  • Degree doesn't mean success

Pros of not going to university.
  • Earning money!
  • Experience in different jobs
  • Not having to do academic work...boring
Cons of not going to university.
  • You may feel stuck in what direction you want to go in
  • The feeling of being left out or left behind
  • You won't experience that university life style

Of course this list was just my opinions! I'm sure not everyone will agree with them.

Whether you decide going to university is for you or if it isn't, you can achieve so much if you work hard enough for it, qualifications aren't everything, although it certainly does help to have some. Deciding not to go to university certainly hasn't stopped me in achieving what I have so far and remember nobody has to go to university at the age of 18/19, you can go when you're older too! 

Just make the most of being young and having the choice to choose without having too many responsibilities.

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