20 presents every 90's girl wanted as a child!

I've seen a few of these posts floating about on the internet but I wanted to do my take on it!

So there you are with endless amounts of paper, your best felt tip pen & an Argos catalogue. That was you prepared to write an endless list of toys and accessories you wanted for your next birthday. Knowing full well your mum and Dad would rule out 50% of the list because you can't have everything you ask for.

1. Baby Born 

2. Art case set. It would stay this clean for less than a day after you was let loose with the paint.

3. Magic 8 Ball. The worse possible thing ever invented. 

4. Beanie Babies. 

5. Dear Diary. I'm still not sure how this thing was supposed to work!

6. Doodle bear. 

7. Tamagotchi. Keeping this little thing alive was way too stressful!

8. Polly Pocket. 

9. Gameboy colour. 

10. Smelly gel pens. 

11. Butterfly hair clips from Claire's. 

12. Slinky

13. Furby. Such creepy little things!

14. The Original Sims and every extension pack you'd ever heard of.

15. Any kind of 'Make it your own' set.

16. Hair styling doll.

17. Teksta robot dog.

18. Barbie. 

19. Body Glitter. Never failed you when you had to look your best at your school disco.

20. Those odd Aliens in an egg!

I hope this post brought back some memories for you from your childhood! Kids of today don't know what they are missing out on. 

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  1. So remember all of these! Loved the post haha!