10 things we learnt from watching 'Friends'.

If you didn't watch it then WHY. It was only one of the best programmes to ever be created and it taught us some pretty useful stuff, as well as things totally irrelevant that we may never remember.

1. It's okay to be yourself

2. Appreciate your friends, even through the hardest of times 

3. If you are ever moving, make sure your furniture fits

4. If you love to do something, do it anyway! Don't let anything hold you back 

5. Remember those awful flashbacks from the night before of you dancing, who cares dance like nobody is watching

6. Sometimes it's okay to tell a white lie, only sometimes

7.  It's good to be competitive

8. Sharing is caring... but not with your food!

9. It's always good to think before you speak

wait a minute your not Rachel!!

10. Never count mississippilessly, especially when getting a spray tan

My list could go on for hours! Friends, you taught me well.

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