10 things that instantly put you in a good mood!

Everybody struggles with those bad moods from time to time and them Monday morning blues, it's all part of life. But we've all got little things that can instantly put a smile on our face!

1. Being complimented when you're having a shitty day. 

2. Hearing your favourite song.

3. Seeing your friends/family.

4. Finding the biggest glass you possibly can & having that first sip of your favourite alcoholic drink, especially after a long week at work.

5. Getting deliveries from the postman, so many presents to yourself!!

6. Waking up in the middle of the night and realising you have 5 more hours worth of sleep. Best feeling EVER.

7. Being able to stay in bed all day because you have no plans and well why the hell not.

8. Food, lots of your favourite food and not even feeling guilty after eating too much of it.

9. Having a bubble bath, with lot of bubbles.

10. Waking up after the night before with NO HANGOVER!!! you are basically winning at life.


  1. Awesome list! Keep being happy. Lottie xox

  2. Glad you liked it! Thanks for reading :) xx