My March favourites!

After my February favourites post went pretty well and I loved doing it I thought I'd give it another go and show you what I'm loving in March & some of my new buys... it's pay day after all!!

Lets get on with it, I ramble too much in my posts which leads nicely onto my first few favourites.

1. These amazing little notebooks.

You can find them on a website called Oh Deer. They sell really quirky little bits and pieces. These 3 notepads come in a pack and they are £5.95. Highly recommend if you're the type to write down tons of notes or do little sketches, The paper is just plain white, not lined. I love them! 

2. 365 Blog topic ideas, By Dana Fox // Stop Procrastinating post it notes. 

Is it cheating? No. I love this book by Dana Fox. Sometimes when you're lacking that motivation or have completely hit a brick wall with what to post next on your blog flicking through this book gives you so many ideas! Nobody is saying you have to completely take the ideas from the book either, it just helps you out now and again when you're suffering from writer's block. I can't say a bad word about it. I purchased mine off of Amazon for £10.80 and it arrived pretty quickly. 

The 'Stop Procrastinating' post it notes are also from Oh Deer, at £1,95. They have a whole collection to choose from, I'm a little addicted to that website right now!

3. Lush stuff... as usual.

Of course I gave in and bought more things from Lush, do I need to? Nope. Will I continue buying more and more stuff? Yes of course, I have a serious addiction. 

I bought,

Blackberry bath bomb. This is a simple one, but so good.

Dorothy Bubble Bar. I am yet to use this! Every time I am in Lush I go to buy it but I never get round to it, so finally it's mine. 

Butterball bath bomb. One of the classics, leaves your skin feeling amazing and smells lovely as well. Again it isn't anything special, it's not one of the really colourful ones with glitter in but it's still just as good.

Space Girl bath bomb. Oh I love this one so much, it's colourful and has popping candy in it, SERIOUSLY IT DOES!! It's one of the exciting ones as I like to call it, it turns the water such an amazing colour, if you like fruity sweet smells this is perfect for you. 

Sweetie Pie shower jelly. Am I allowed to be stupidly excited over this last product? How has someone as obsessed with Lush like I am never tried shower jelly?!! I always walk past shower products, I've been making a huge mistake clearly. As soon as I smelt the sweetie pie jelly I already knew I'd love the product. I'd definitely say it is probably the best smelling product I have ever bought from Lush.

4. Candles... I couldn't link them sorry. 

I bought these from John Lewis. After failing to find some new bits and pieces for my bedroom, I gave in but I couldn't leave the shop empty handed. I have to say Blush is definitely my favourite out of the two, they are really handy little tins to have around the house. I'm very impressed! Although a little pricey for just candles, they are £8.50 each I believe.

5. Primark. Again sorry I can't link, they really should have an online store.

I haven't shopped in Primark in a very long time. When I do find myself wondering through the store it fills me with dread. It's messy, there are so many people and you can never find the right things. 

Too much spare time on my hands I decided to brave it and have a look around. I managed to buy a new bag for £12, which I thought was a bargain and the most comfortable pair of flats you will ever find. It basically feels like you aren't even wearing shoes they are that comfortable! At only £6 I found myself another bargain. 

You can never go wrong with a plain black bag and pair of shoes, they will pretty much go with anything and everything. Successful Primark trip has most definitely been achieved! 

Done a March favourites post? Comment it below I would love to read yours! :)

The Versatile Award

Hey everyone. I got nominated for The Versatile Award by Simply Inspired, which I wasn't expecting as my blog is fairly new, so thank you! :) 

The Rules

- Thank the blogger who nominated you, hopefully with a lovely link to their blog
- Tell 7 facts about yourself
- Finally, nominate 5-15 other blogs that you have recently discovered for the award

7 Facts about me

1) I want to be a Paramedic one day.

2) I have two blogs, this one & one on Tumblr! 

3) This one is a bit obvious right, I'm gay! 

4) I would love to be able to play the guitar but I don't have the patience to teach myself. 

5) I'm obsessed with vintage home décor.

6) I would love to travel the world, maybe some day ehh.

7) I am way too emotional, which sometimes isn't a great thing. 

Blogs I nominate

The Second Opinion 
Your Beauty Wonderland
Becky Bea
Blogger James
A Girl and A Beauty Blog

When you've completed yours let me know by commenting below or you can tweet me- @hannahshambrook. Enjoy :)

My March Fashion/Beauty wish list.

It's that time of the month where my bank account is looking rather sorry for itself and I only have a few more days till pay day, hooray!! Instead of thinking wisely with what I can do with my money, I look at every single clothing website I can think of and find way too many things I want.

1 - Black Textured contrast collar skater dress. New Look, £19.99.

2- Black chunky caged T-Bar sandals. New Look, £24.99.

3. Snake pocket backpack. Topshop, £34.

4. They're real mascara. Benefit, £19.50.

5- Vans black pebble snake classic slip on. Office, £54.99.

6- I want more sleep night top. New Look, £9.99.

7- Tropical floral crochet trim shorts. New Look, £7.99

8- Tropical floral longline kimono. New Look, £14.99

9- Pink Pearl Pop. Mac, £15.50.

10- Full Fuchsia. Mac, £15.50.

11- Blue ripped boyfriend jeans. New Look, £26.99.

12- Floral print longline shirt. New Look, £22.99.

13- Romantic purple floral print kimono. Asos, £30.

I didn't quite realise just how much I clearly like black, this is something new to me! I'm so excited for the summer weather, if we actually get any here in the UK. Kimono's are my favourite and my summer wardrobe will more than likely be full of them. 

Is there anywhere else good to shop apart from New Look, Topshop, Asos, Boohoo and of course Primark. Comment with any websites! :)

why quality is better than quantity.

The world is crazy with social media today, it's all about how many friends you have on facebook or how many followers you have on twitter and instagram. Realistically how many of them people do you actually talk to, or worse even know? It's pretty sad when you look at the world like that isn't it. 

If there is one thing I was taught whilst growing up it was that the quality of friends means a whole lot more than the quantity. I mean sure you can have loads of friends, but soon don't they just become numbers instead of authentic friendships. That doesn't sound very enjoyable to me.

Those 900 friends you have on facebook aren't 'friends' maybe 10 of them are, the ones you can really rely on when you need them. The rest are acquaintances that you knew 5 years ago that have absolutely no impact on your life but give you entertainment now and again when you're scrolling through your facebook feed at 2am in the morning.

When you're younger, in school having loads of friends some how makes you 'popular'. Really, does it? I'd rather have 1 good friend that I know would do anything for me than 20 pointless friends counting you as a figure to their friends list instead of valuing your friendship. 

You get to a point in life where everybody figures out the rule of quality over quantity, for some it takes a little longer to get there. You don't quite realise just how much this rule applies until you really need a friend in a time of need. 

So remember having loads of 'friends' that aren't really friends at all won't help you progress onto bigger and better things, they won't help you land that dream job you've wanted since you was little and one final thing they won't always want the best for you. Just because you're nice to them & want the best, doesn't mean the feeling is mutual both ways. 

Always appreciate the friends who have been there through everything and anything and continue to love you even when you may not deserve it sometimes. True friendship lasts a life time and teaches you so many things along the way.

Why I've not been blogging.

The guilt hit, but then I also remember I do have a life outside of this crazy blogging world. 

Anyway, if you are a dedicated reader here (do they even exist?) if they do I love you! I've had a crazy 2 weeks. When I say crazy I mean I've been ill, ridiculously busy and then as of Monday I've been making trips to the hospital and waiting hours with my mum, as she's in hospital at the moment. So unfortunately blogging hasn't been my top priority, sorry! Although I've had posts up every single day so far, I haven't physically written anything for the week ahead.

I feel bad for making these rambling posts because who wants to come to a blog and read about somebody else's problems eh? Not me. I know I go to other blogs to read their posts to take my mind off other things not feel like I've taken on somebody else's world.

But then I got thinking and well essentially this whole blog of mine is a big creation from ideas I have in my head... wow scary right. So it is only natural that now and again my emotions will take over and create a wonderful non edited quick 10 minute post like this one. Just like any other blogger in the world!

You get stuck between the do I not post anything at all or do I post something that isn't going to be the most interesting. That dilemma sucks, especially when I put in so much hard work trying to make the content of my blog enjoyable for people to read, share and talk about. 

So hopefully over the next few days maybe even a week I will have some new stuff for you to read. I did have a pretty exciting offer so that will definitely generate some amazing stuff for me to talk about with you all.

Sorry, kinda not really. It's real life and family & health always come above anything else.

Here's a lovely picture of what I was starring at for at least 14 hours, let's just take that in and understand why my brain is unable to process anything half decent to talk about.

Monday morning struggles.

It can't be Monday already, can it? Ughhh unfortunately it is.

You've just had a great weekend and suddenly with a blink of an eye it's Sunday evening already. You can almost hear your Monday morning alarm going off and all you want to do is sleep. 

I feel like a bit of a cheat writing about Monday morning blues. Why? Because I'm part of the wonderful world of shift work. Although not fantastic all the time, especially when everybody is out at the weekend and you've got a fun filled weekend of 12 hour shifts. 

You know what, we have all got to stop hating Mondays. We make it out to be this terrible day, inevitably writing it off from the beginning. Ironically the worse part of my Monday is seeing people instagram, facebook, tweet how much they hate Mondays and I mean it is on EVERY single social media site. As I'm typing this I've already seen 4 status' on facebook about Monday, go away.

Maybe today is going to be the best day of your life, Maybe it will be the worse! (don't listen to me it will be the best.) But you can certainly help yourself and make it that little bit easier to get through. 

A few tips to help along the way.

1. Do not snooze your alarm. Sounds impossible right? No. Do not fall at the first hurdle of the day. Set your alarm 10 minutes before you need to wake up, it will make you feel so much better. I know what you're thinking, that's 10 extra minutes I could of been sleeping!! 

2. If you wear your own clothes to work, wear something you love. Believe it or not clothes can cheer you up. I'm not crazy, it really does work. Feel for all of us who have to wear uniform. 

3. Make a really nice lunch. Now its Monday, we all need to treat ourselves and Monday lunch time is the right time to do it. It isn't the new start to your diet, you can start that Tuesday. Go eat chocolate cake if that's what you really want.

If that isn't enough to make you crack a smile today maybe this will. Remember make the most of your Monday, it isn't all bad.

my week through instagram.

I feel sometimes photos on my instagram miss out on being blog worthy content so I'll do my week round up! Because lets face it, who doesn't like being a little nosey from time to time. 

Who knew Bella Italia done such AMAZING hot chocolates & Coffee's!! Brownies, marshmallows and even a chocolate spoon to finish it off with. Perfect excuse to go there and eat loads of pizza.

My niece doesn't like taking normal photos, also insists on making silly faces or doing extremely cheesy smiles to the camera.

This retweet right here is the best thing. Hannah Gale runs an amazing blog and I've been reading it for such a long time now, seriously though the addiction isn't normal. I may of fangirled a little, JUST A LITTLE BIT!

Shall we take sometime to appreciate these vanilla and strawberry cupcakes I made earlier this week, yes we shall. Diet? sorry what diet. (May of felt guilty after eating too many.)

Is that a pout I see, yes I think so. Why, I don't know but it's bloody awful. Somebody remind me to never do that again. My favourite new kimono jacket is also a massive bonus to this somewhat kind of okay half face selfie. I will be adding it to a post later on in the month, with details of where it is from.
My weekend was so special, we celebrated my Grandad's 80th birthday! He sleeps, a lot. I don't blame him, he's a smart man. 

Spring has arrived! The sun is shining and that means going on Sunday walks, surely they are good for them dreaded weekend hangovers. I had a beautiful sunny walk through the park and repaid myself in kindness with dinner at the Harvester... okay my Dad & Step mum did so it was all great.

You can follow me on instagram directly to see even more, I mean if you really want to - @hannahshambrook

10 things to help you relax.

WORK, EAT, SLEEP! A cycle we are all guilty of being trapped in.

I've been off work for the last week due to being ill and having annual leave, I have never been so bored. I can't relax because that means doing nothing most of the time, which means getting bored very quickly. Trying to occupy yourself with other blogs and youtube videos soon gets repetitive and pretty exhausting. You seem to start comparing yourself to everyone else and how you can improve your blog. 

Don't even get me started on the amount of money you start spending, you get sucked into this world of online shopping! You end up on websites you've never heard of and suddenly lusting after items you'll never need in life. Doesn't stop you though, does it.

I had to create a list for myself just so I stopped looking at blogs and buying pointless items that in a few days I would have forgotten I even ordered.

1. Have a bath. Add bubbles, add any Lush bath bomb or bath melt you can find. Just chuck it all in, why not? You might be there for a good hour or two.

2. Read a book. Personally this isn't something I do. It takes a good book for me to really get into it. I might just have to try it though, people always look relaxed when reading. 

3. Lay in bed for 20 minutes or so. Don't sleep... although that is inevitable if you're anything like me.

4. Go for a walk somewhere really beautiful. You can take tons of photos and it gives you time to clear your head. 

5. Watch Netflix/TV. 1 hour, 2 hours, 3. Who cares? Take advantage of being able to do that. 

6. Light some candles and incense. Again this helps you clear your head and is a quick fix to feeling less stressed.

7. Cook/Bake your favourite dish. You get to eat what you've made at the end of it, what better reason is there.

8. Spend time with your friends. You'll probably have a laugh and naturally that makes everything feel a little bit better.

9. Pamper yourself. It's time consuming on those days you're bored and you're left feeling pretty damn good after.

10. Blog/Write about your day. If you're anything like me writing about your day so far or what is worrying you is so fulfilling. It makes me feel relaxed and gives you time to think about lots of things! I guess sometimes that isn't such a great thing but other times it is great.

So just take a break, recuperate and don't get stuck in that nasty cycle.

Throwback Thursday!

I was inspired to do this post after finding some extremely old photos on my phone, I wish I had so many more to embarrass myself with but sadly I don't.

Firstly, I'd like to ask why an earth parents thought it was acceptable to dress us so awfully bad when we were too young to know what fashion was, but still that is besides the point. You'll be happy to know, and so will your eyes that I don't have any fashion disaster photos coming up.

This is one of my favourite photos, just look at that 90's décor. How was 2 year old me (I'm guessing I was around that age) more tanned than I have ever been in my whole adult life? Am I seriously jealous of my two year old self. I'm not sure I could pull off those glasses or shoes anymore either! My dog Barney was obviously my best friend too at the time, that poor dog I bet it wasn't long till I started dressing him up as well.

90's baby at it's best.
Sorry for anyone who reads this, I can't prepare your eyes enough to witness my rag doll appearance. I have to say the hair on me is pretty impressive! Again, that 90's décor, just look at those sofas in the background. I'm enjoying the V shapes, receding hair line of a 50 year old man before I even started growing any, lovely. Thanks for the great genes Mum & Dad. 

Who got a toothbrush for Christmas... me by the looks of it! I have to say I wish I had memories from this age, I look at these photos and I can't remember a thing. Maybe that's a good thing when my hair looked like that, who's laughing now. 

I'm a little cute here, right?
I saved the best of the bunch till last because it will always be a very special photo to me! Me at my christening with my lovely Nan. She sadly died when I was 11, so I love coming across things like this. So young when it happened, yet I have so many memories of her and spending time with her. I love that! She was one of a kind :)

My nan rocked big glasses.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this quick fun post, well it was fun for me anyway! I love looking back on old photos of me and my family as well as others too, it's something I don't do enough. Hopefully I can make a follow up to this post when I get my hands on many more embarrassing photos to share.

Got any embarrassing photos? Share them with the world! It brings back a whole load of love. 

what it was really like accepting I was gay.

I guess you could say this post is more for myself than anybody else, is that selfish? It's not the usual post with lots of photos and being excited over new buys, this really is straight from the heart.

If you've read much of my blog, you'd of seen a previous post of mine about coming out. I only briefly covered it as all this blogging was new to me and I wasn't completely sure about putting myself out there for everyone to read.

I'm not trying to be some advocate for the LGBT community, but I know over the last few months I've become extremely passionate about it all.

I remember when I first started realising that maybe I liked girls, I blocked the feeling out straight away. I didn't even give myself a chance to think about it because how could I? Why was I feeling something that was 'weird' and 'abnormal'. Why me? I'd beat myself up over it, spiralling into states I'd not wish my worse enemies into. I wanted to be normal!

Months and months of battling with my own mind was exhausting, I just wanted to accept myself. I mean if I couldn't accept myself, how would anybody else?

I used to watch tons of youtube videos on people's coming out stories and read endless blogs. Maybe that's where my passion all started from! Kaelyn & Lucy, Rose & Rosie, Megan & Whitney are just some amazing lesbian/Bisexual youtubers to name a few, they really helped me with that whole acceptance thing.

Now after nearly a year of being out and proud (I cringe with that saying a little, but it's true!!) it saddens me to read back on my words. I wasn't weird, I wasn't abnormal, I was just being me. I didn't have a choice, I didn't ask to be gay. Let me believe you, nobody does. It's the hardest and most emotional roller-coaster to be on but I'm so freaking happy I am! I've met some pretty amazing people and more importantly kept everyone else I had along the way.

I'm no fool in believing everybody is as lucky as me when it comes to telling their friends and family they are gay and to them people who aren't as lucky, you are brave & amazing. Don't you dare let anyone else tell you differently!!

I can't wait to live in a world where EVERYBODY is accepted for who they are, who they love and who they want to be. Nobody should have to feel ashamed or scared for being themselves. Being the best version of yourself is the most beautiful thing, and being the best version means being true to yourself.

Don't hide yourself, somebody is out there waiting to meet somebody just like you! They will never find you if you don't embrace yourself. Be happy, you deserve to be. 

If this helps just one person feel a little bit better about themselves, then I've done my job.

10 things that instantly put you in a good mood!

Everybody struggles with those bad moods from time to time and them Monday morning blues, it's all part of life. But we've all got little things that can instantly put a smile on our face!

1. Being complimented when you're having a shitty day. 

2. Hearing your favourite song.

3. Seeing your friends/family.

4. Finding the biggest glass you possibly can & having that first sip of your favourite alcoholic drink, especially after a long week at work.

5. Getting deliveries from the postman, so many presents to yourself!!

6. Waking up in the middle of the night and realising you have 5 more hours worth of sleep. Best feeling EVER.

7. Being able to stay in bed all day because you have no plans and well why the hell not.

8. Food, lots of your favourite food and not even feeling guilty after eating too much of it.

9. Having a bubble bath, with lot of bubbles.

10. Waking up after the night before with NO HANGOVER!!! you are basically winning at life.

My favourites on Netflix right now.

Netflix, the perfect distraction when you are supposed to be doing more important things. If you are anything like me, you end up binge watching your favourite programme on there and before you know it you've watched a whole season. I wouldn't call it addiction, I like to call it dedication. 

I thought it would be a good read to recommend and tell you some of my favourites currently on Netflix.

UK Netflix

Orange Is The New Black (series) - This is my all time favourite show to ever be on Netflix!!! After binge watching the first two seasons several times I am waiting (9 long months!) for the third season to start again on June 12th, it could not come any time sooner. If you haven't yet watched it or are in the middle of watching it, don't worry I won't give any spoilers away. I'm not that horrible. GO START WATCHING IT RIGHT NOW!! If you appreciate Piper & Alex as much as I do, we would make great friends.

The L word (series) - I was behind in discovering just how amazing this programme was! 6 long seasons and I made that huge mistake of watching it all too fast. I felt lost when I no longer came home from work and put the L word on and I mean I'd do that every single day. I don't think I'll do these programmes much justice if I try to explain them, but lets just say you'll have a serious love/hate relationship with Jenny Schecter, overall it's HATE. Watch it yourself it's a much better idea. I will say this one takes a while to get into, once you get past the first season you'll be hooked. 

Sweet home Alabama (film) - Reese Witherspoon, do I need to say anymore? No seriously, do I actually need to put anything more other than that fact.

Easily one of the best scenes in the movie!

USA Netflix

Friends (series) - If you haven't guessed already by the amount of 'Friends' gifs I've used in some of my previous posts you'd of probably of seen this one coming. But FRIENDS!! Who doesn't like it, why wouldn't you like it? I was so happy when it was put on the American Netflix, like honestly I may of shed a tear... I'm lying I didn't but I was pretty damn excited! This doesn't need recommending, everybody should of seen Friends before. 

Saved By The Bell (series) - If you was born any time before or during the 90's you'll most definitely know this one. One of the best programmes you'd watch before leaving for school in the morning, yeah you read right it's available to watch on the American Netflix!! It has every single season as well, although now after watching the first two seasons I can say they don't compare to the rest. 

I have plenty more but these are just a few I am loving right now or have been hooked on! Any recommendations? leave me a comment :)

My mid week shopping haul!

It may not be the middle of the week but it's close enough, it's also my only day off so I thought I'd get into town whilst I could and snap up some of the Lush Easter range!

So lets get on with it! I know you are all dying to see what I bought aren't you? 

Lush haul

The first thing I picked up in lush was the Twilight bath bomb, now I'm pretty sure this one has been out for ages but I cant remember ever seeing it in store or ever buying one, so I'm excited to see what it's like. It smells lovely though and its also supposed to help you sleep better, worth a try I guess.

The next product I saw immediately caught my eye, I've been wanting to buy it since I saw their Easter collection online and I'm SO happy my local lush store hadn't already sold out as a few bits have already. It is the Golden Egg bath bomb melt, it's so glittery and gold and magical!! Hopefully it is as good as it looks, PLEASE.

Another Easter product I bought was the Fluffy Egg bath bomb, I remember this one from last Easter and it smelt absolutely amazing, it's very similar to the snow fairy shower gel.

My last bath product I picked up was the Rose bubble bar, again I've never seen this one in the lush store I shop at, it's really small but it looked too nice not to buy! 

If you read 'My February Favourites' you'd of seen me rant and rave about how fantastic the Love Lettuce face mask is, so of course I bought my fourth pot of it. I also decided to try out the Skin Drink moisturiser as well to use after I've used the face mask just to keep my face feeling moisturised and fresh. I can't wait to try all these amazing products out! 

I quite literally had to force myself out of the Lush store, I think I have a problem.

Little bits and pieces for my march project

This month I've decided to be a little bit more productive with my spare time and days off from work. So every month my aim is to try and achieve something I've always wanted to do or to make something. 

The first thing I need to sort out is being more organised, so I picked up this hardback Aztec patterned notebook in WHSmith, it was only £4 and I couldn't leave without it! My plan is to use it to write down and plan future blog posts, smoothie recipes and future monthly projects. 

I managed to pick up a cute roll of fabric boarder for my scrapbook, as well as a colourful set of fine liner pens! 

The last buy is a bit of a cheat as I ordered them online but they came today. I've finally got more film for my instax mini!!! I've missed using it the last few weeks as I stupidly wasted the last few I had left on photos that didn't even develop properly :( I found some lovely pink polka dot patterned film as well as the original, so that should keep me going.

Here's to a much more productive, lovely smelling (thanks to Lush) March! :)

10 things we learnt from watching 'Friends'.

If you didn't watch it then WHY. It was only one of the best programmes to ever be created and it taught us some pretty useful stuff, as well as things totally irrelevant that we may never remember.

1. It's okay to be yourself

2. Appreciate your friends, even through the hardest of times 

3. If you are ever moving, make sure your furniture fits

4. If you love to do something, do it anyway! Don't let anything hold you back 

5. Remember those awful flashbacks from the night before of you dancing, who cares dance like nobody is watching

6. Sometimes it's okay to tell a white lie, only sometimes

7.  It's good to be competitive

8. Sharing is caring... but not with your food!

9. It's always good to think before you speak

wait a minute your not Rachel!!

10. Never count mississippilessly, especially when getting a spray tan

My list could go on for hours! Friends, you taught me well.

Saturday smoothie making!

You may or may not be aware that right now I'm a little addicted to smoothies! okay maybe A LOT. 

I absolutely love making my own and experimenting with different fruits to get a lovely drink at the end of it. It's even better that they are really healthy for you! 

Today's smoothie was supposedly called strawberry dream... except it tasted of bananas.

This is one of the most simple smoothies to make and pretty cheap too, my ingredients included- 
  • 8 strawberries... You can add more like me!
  • 20 grapes
  • 2 bananas... I'd advise to only using 1, it overpowered the taste by putting 2 in :(

so colourful.
I added a some pure orange juice to the fruit before blending, and kept pouring a little bit in throughout. After blending for 2 minutes at a low setting I added 5 ice cubes and blended again at a higher setting.

Once you've finished blending you can choose to sieve the smoothie to get rid of the grape skins but I didn't and it turnt out just fine. Then just put it into the fridge when finished.

Enjoy! :)