Why is it still such a big deal?

If there is one thing that is close to my heart it is people being accepted in the world no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation or their social class. So why today in 2015 do we still debate these things? 

I believe strongly in freedom of speech, but when poor understanding and hurtful comments are made it begins to affect the lives of people daily. People are categorized into this box of "This is wrong to do!!" just because some people in the world today can't justify people living a life they do not wish to tolerate. Being part of the LGBT community I have learnt many things, the first thing being DO NOT ASSUME. Do not allow the naivety of others to get you down or make you believe you are less worthy to have a life in this world. Being different is good, having different thoughts & opinions is good! Today in 2015 this world is so advanced, without people thinking outside of the box and being brave for being true to themselves we wouldn't have the culture we live in today. 

Be proud of who you are, what you stand for and talk about it. Don't hide away for not conforming to what ignorant people call 'the norm'. What is normal? Nothing and that is the beauty of human life. We are not born to be like everyone else, speak the same language or have the same colour skin. We are born to have a personality, have an identity and live the life we as an individual want. 

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