Coming out.

Everyone's coming out story is personal to them. Some people are extremely lucky and have a supportive family & friends. Others, well they don't have it so 'easy'. 

Coming out is a very difficult, personal time for someone. My experience was a great one! When I decided to come out in May 2014 I had thought about it A LOT. I knew it was about time I started being me. I wasn't happy and I felt frustrated that I had to live a lie. I came out to my mum in 2012? (I can't remember if it was 2012 or 2013!) It didn't go 100% to plan as at the time I hadn't completely found myself, I know that sounds a little silly. I hadn't completely realised what these feelings were and what they meant. I just knew relationships I previously had with boys never worked out and NEVER felt right to me. 

After coming out to my mum, the subject of it quickly went quiet. It wasn't until last year after I came out very publicly on facebook to everyone she was comfortable with it all. My friends have been great and so have my family. It hasn't always been easy, I know some people have found it hard to adjust too and I think some thought it was 'just a phase' haha. 

All in all since coming out I have changed so much as a person and I feel like I am finally who I've craved to be for such a long time. Not having to hide anymore is one of the best feelings in the world and to be part of the LGBT community is even better.

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