Body shaming

"The perfect body"... I'm not sure what that is. 

What I do know is that people get criticised daily, whether it's because they are too 'skinny', 'fat', tall, or too small and so many more things. Over the last few weeks I've read various posts debating the life style of people such as plus sized model Tess Munster and much newer articles on the Danish magazine featuring a 16 year old model who's been described as 'unhealthily thin'.

It isn't anything new to see magazines shaming celebs and pointing out the latest person to have a weight gain then miraculously loosing all that weight a couple of months later. But what harm is it doing to young people reading these stories. 

The media creates such unrealistic goals for both men & women, this is all thanks to a great little tool called photoshop. The photos we see are unrealistic because they aren't even real! Why should we be defined by the size of our waist, or our appearance. We wasn't given life to fulfil these stupid expectations of being 'perfect'. 

It's mind blowing to see what some people comment on celebrities photos. One of the people I've noticed most recently on instagram is Charlotte Crosby (Reality star on Geordie Shore). She went from a size 16 dropping to a size 8, some of the comments I've seen since her weight loss have been horrendous! But why do some people care so much? If a person is happy & healthy should they not be able to live life how they please. It would be easy enough to sit here and say I've never judged anyone, but I'd be lying, of course we judge its human nature. 

People don't just body shame others, more often than not we do it to ourselves. How many times do you look in the mirror and think "I hate my...stomach/legs/appearance", probably countless times! Learn to love yourself & what positive contribution you can make to the world.

Body shaming is wrong, hurtful and most of all it can seriously affect somebodies mental & physical health.

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