10 things I wish I knew before adulthood.

I have no doubt in saying I'm sure everyone can remember back to their childhood/teenage days when all we wished for was to be an adult. We wanted to go to our friends party, we wanted to stay out till whatever time we wanted to. I'm sure a lot of us did, much to our parents disapproval. One thing that we didn't realise was just how hard it is being a responsible adult! 

Now at the age of 20, with a full time job I'm thinking back to things I wish I knew back then.

1. Making your own money. ehh I mean how hard can it be? Looks like when we all wished to just grow up we didn't realise how easy we had it. Getting pocket money from your parents for doing absolutely nothing, I miss those good old days.

2. Saving for the future. You mean you don't just move out of your parents house at 18 and start living the life of luxury? Oh Mum and Dad you fooled me well, but why didn't school ever teach us about mortgages, bills and taxes. 

3. Those progressively worse hangovers. Alright, we all did it. Down the park or round a friends house at the age of 15 drinking some awful alcohol that was bright blue then puking it all back up again, but surprisingly feeling fresh as a daisy the next morning. Well now it takes at least a few days to recover from a good night out, why ageing body, WHY I'm still only young.

4. You will lose a ton of friends you once thought you couldn't be without. Unfortunately that girl you was best friends with when you was 14 is a distant memory, you realise as you both grow up you have absolutely nothing in common. You will lose a lot of friends as you grow up, but make some life long friends when you're older.

5. Finding a job you LOVE is hard work. Those job ambitions you had as a child suddenly sound a lot less appealing and well not very practical at all. Practical = money and sadly not always something you want to do.

6. Making your own decisions. Some can be life changing others less significant, but no matter what age you are sometimes we just need advice from our parents/family. Having your parents tell you what time you had to go to bed meant you wasn't half zombie the next morning. Now getting up for work is a constant struggle wishing I listened to myself when I told myself I should sleep all whilst searching through netflix for my next binge watch.

7. Relationship pressures. Your family will ask you numerous times have you settled down yet? Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? As if there is a time frame in which you need to do both of these things. Reminiscing those days where you only saw your first boyfriend/girlfriend at school and even then you might not talk. You was far too busy keeping your tamagotchi alive or listening to s club 7.

8. Being tired, ALL THE TIME. Why can't I have as much as energy as I did when I was younger. School all day, playing out after with friends and still not feeling tired. Now you find yourself sleeping all day & all night if you have the chance too.

9. Those bad eating habits. Those days of eating endless sweets and chocolate on your lunch break at school are well in the past. Try that now and it feels like you've put at least 2 stone on over night.

10. Christmas & birthday's no longer seem so exciting. Does Father Christmas really not exist? He'd save me a whole lot of money if he did. You no longer know what you want for your birthday when somebody asks, it was so much easier being able to look through the Argos catalogue and make a huge list. 

Being an adult isn't all doom and gloom, having full control of your life gives you the opportunity to do what you please. You still have one huge adventure ahead of you, so live it the best way you can.

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