My February favourites!

I was pretty hesitant to do this post as I thought to myself is anybody really interested in what I've bought? Nevertheless I pulled myself together and thought WHY THE HELL NOT!

If you know me personally, you'll know I am OBSESSED with Lush!! I think their products are amazing and I am yet to buy something from their store that I don't like. Sticking to the theme of my blog, I also love floral themed items. So no surprise in guessing Cath Kidston is heaven for me, like seriously I think I'd buy the whole shop if I could.

Anyway, here are my February Favourites.

1. My Cath Kidston purchases include - Mews Ditsy Flora scented candle/Blossom Bath Crystals/ Pink Rose Make up bag. 

Admittedly I'm yet to use the candle, but it smells amazing! The actual candle is in a little glass holder which comes packaged in a lovely floral cardboard cylinder. I bought it whilst shopping in their Portsmouth store, they had lots of sales on and I couldn't resist! Currently the candle is £10 on their website. Great little investment for something that smells so great.

I have to say I wasn't all too impressed with the Blossom Bath Crystals. I bought two sachets of them which are £1.50 each. If you like quite strong scents like myself I wouldn't say it's the best product to purchase as they didn't really have much smell to them at all.

My last purchase from Cath Kidston was the Pink Rose washable accessories bag. This was £16 down to £12 only a small save but still so worth it! It is now my new make up bag and I love it. It's quite big and comes with a floral covered compact mirror inside. It also has an extra pouch on the outside of the bag, which could be used for lipsticks and small brushes. Massively recommended!

2. Lush products include- Bubblegum lip scrub (bought previously)/ Dream Cream hand & body lotion/ The Godmother & Rock star soap/ Prince Charming shower gel/ Breath of fresh air Toner/ Love lettuce Face mask.

Now this isn't the first time I've used it nor will it be the last but if there is one thing I can say to you right now it's GO BUY YOURSELF A FACE MASK FROM LUSH!! Especially Love Lettuce. Okay I admit the name of the product isn't the most appealing but it works miracles. It clears up spots, reduces redness and gets rid of any patches of dry skin. If you're looking for an eye appealing, lovely smelling face mask Love Lettuce won't give you justice because honestly it's neither. But the effects of using the product overpowers all them desires.

Following on from the Face Mask, my next favourite is the Dream Cream. Oh my gosh, what can I say. So I know it says for the hands and body but using this beautiful little product on your face after using Love Lettuce just keeps my face looking fresh and feeling lovely! Of course it's also great for the body too. The only negative I can say about it, is if you put too much on it can leave your skin feeling a little bit greasy so ensure to only use a very small amount as it goes a long way!

Sticking with products for the skin and face, the Breath Of fresh Air toner water is a product I bought for absolutely no reason at all, I do that A LOT. Don't tell me I'm the only one, I bet we all do it. I can't say I'm in love with the product, it has seaweed extracts and rose absolute to tone and balance the skin. I haven't seen much effect since using it BUT it leaves your face feeling really refreshed.

The Lush valentine collection was just amazing this year! I found myself in my local Lush store just before valentines day so I ended up buying half of their collection. But my favourite had to be the Prince Charming shower gel, ughhh I can't describe how amazing it smells. It smells so sweet and the scent stays on your skin for the next day or two after using it. I'm gutted they don't sell it all year round.

Other products I'm currently using are the Bubblegum lip scrub, The Godmother soap and Rock star soap. Bubblegum lip scrub is an all time favourite of mine! I don't know anybody who loves lush that doesn't have this product. 

Don't forget to look out for Lush's Easter range, I've seen some amazing products on their website already.

3. Fujifilm instax mini 8

I had to leave THE BEST purchase of this month till last because I absolutely love it. The Fujifilm instax mini 8 is a fantastic instant disposable camera. I bought mine off of Amazon for £77.99 (before post and packaging). You can order the camera alone for a little cheaper at £57.99 but I'd recommend buying the full package of camera and film pack. There are a collection of different colours to choose from!

Using the camera is so easy and the quality of the photos are amazing. I like the thought of being able to take a picture of a memory and instantly being able to hold the photo in your hand. The style of the photos come out looking quite old fashioned and I really love that quality.

You only get 10 shots at a time in a film so you tend to be more selective with what you take photos of, meaning the photos have a little more sentimental value to them. The film packs are a little pricey at £14 but the effect from the photos you get from this camera are so different to photos you take on your phone or a DSLR camera.

The camera is definitely my favourite buy from the month, if not the year so far and I can't wait to capture so many more memories with it. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'm really getting into all this blogging now & I'm constantly coming up with new content to post on here. Leave me a comment telling me what your February favourites are :)

Body shaming

"The perfect body"... I'm not sure what that is. 

What I do know is that people get criticised daily, whether it's because they are too 'skinny', 'fat', tall, or too small and so many more things. Over the last few weeks I've read various posts debating the life style of people such as plus sized model Tess Munster and much newer articles on the Danish magazine featuring a 16 year old model who's been described as 'unhealthily thin'.

It isn't anything new to see magazines shaming celebs and pointing out the latest person to have a weight gain then miraculously loosing all that weight a couple of months later. But what harm is it doing to young people reading these stories. 

The media creates such unrealistic goals for both men & women, this is all thanks to a great little tool called photoshop. The photos we see are unrealistic because they aren't even real! Why should we be defined by the size of our waist, or our appearance. We wasn't given life to fulfil these stupid expectations of being 'perfect'. 

It's mind blowing to see what some people comment on celebrities photos. One of the people I've noticed most recently on instagram is Charlotte Crosby (Reality star on Geordie Shore). She went from a size 16 dropping to a size 8, some of the comments I've seen since her weight loss have been horrendous! But why do some people care so much? If a person is happy & healthy should they not be able to live life how they please. It would be easy enough to sit here and say I've never judged anyone, but I'd be lying, of course we judge its human nature. 

People don't just body shame others, more often than not we do it to ourselves. How many times do you look in the mirror and think "I hate my...stomach/legs/appearance", probably countless times! Learn to love yourself & what positive contribution you can make to the world.

Body shaming is wrong, hurtful and most of all it can seriously affect somebodies mental & physical health.

10 things I wish I knew before adulthood.

I have no doubt in saying I'm sure everyone can remember back to their childhood/teenage days when all we wished for was to be an adult. We wanted to go to our friends party, we wanted to stay out till whatever time we wanted to. I'm sure a lot of us did, much to our parents disapproval. One thing that we didn't realise was just how hard it is being a responsible adult! 

Now at the age of 20, with a full time job I'm thinking back to things I wish I knew back then.

1. Making your own money. ehh I mean how hard can it be? Looks like when we all wished to just grow up we didn't realise how easy we had it. Getting pocket money from your parents for doing absolutely nothing, I miss those good old days.

2. Saving for the future. You mean you don't just move out of your parents house at 18 and start living the life of luxury? Oh Mum and Dad you fooled me well, but why didn't school ever teach us about mortgages, bills and taxes. 

3. Those progressively worse hangovers. Alright, we all did it. Down the park or round a friends house at the age of 15 drinking some awful alcohol that was bright blue then puking it all back up again, but surprisingly feeling fresh as a daisy the next morning. Well now it takes at least a few days to recover from a good night out, why ageing body, WHY I'm still only young.

4. You will lose a ton of friends you once thought you couldn't be without. Unfortunately that girl you was best friends with when you was 14 is a distant memory, you realise as you both grow up you have absolutely nothing in common. You will lose a lot of friends as you grow up, but make some life long friends when you're older.

5. Finding a job you LOVE is hard work. Those job ambitions you had as a child suddenly sound a lot less appealing and well not very practical at all. Practical = money and sadly not always something you want to do.

6. Making your own decisions. Some can be life changing others less significant, but no matter what age you are sometimes we just need advice from our parents/family. Having your parents tell you what time you had to go to bed meant you wasn't half zombie the next morning. Now getting up for work is a constant struggle wishing I listened to myself when I told myself I should sleep all whilst searching through netflix for my next binge watch.

7. Relationship pressures. Your family will ask you numerous times have you settled down yet? Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? As if there is a time frame in which you need to do both of these things. Reminiscing those days where you only saw your first boyfriend/girlfriend at school and even then you might not talk. You was far too busy keeping your tamagotchi alive or listening to s club 7.

8. Being tired, ALL THE TIME. Why can't I have as much as energy as I did when I was younger. School all day, playing out after with friends and still not feeling tired. Now you find yourself sleeping all day & all night if you have the chance too.

9. Those bad eating habits. Those days of eating endless sweets and chocolate on your lunch break at school are well in the past. Try that now and it feels like you've put at least 2 stone on over night.

10. Christmas & birthday's no longer seem so exciting. Does Father Christmas really not exist? He'd save me a whole lot of money if he did. You no longer know what you want for your birthday when somebody asks, it was so much easier being able to look through the Argos catalogue and make a huge list. 

Being an adult isn't all doom and gloom, having full control of your life gives you the opportunity to do what you please. You still have one huge adventure ahead of you, so live it the best way you can.

Why is it still such a big deal?

If there is one thing that is close to my heart it is people being accepted in the world no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation or their social class. So why today in 2015 do we still debate these things? 

I believe strongly in freedom of speech, but when poor understanding and hurtful comments are made it begins to affect the lives of people daily. People are categorized into this box of "This is wrong to do!!" just because some people in the world today can't justify people living a life they do not wish to tolerate. Being part of the LGBT community I have learnt many things, the first thing being DO NOT ASSUME. Do not allow the naivety of others to get you down or make you believe you are less worthy to have a life in this world. Being different is good, having different thoughts & opinions is good! Today in 2015 this world is so advanced, without people thinking outside of the box and being brave for being true to themselves we wouldn't have the culture we live in today. 

Be proud of who you are, what you stand for and talk about it. Don't hide away for not conforming to what ignorant people call 'the norm'. What is normal? Nothing and that is the beauty of human life. We are not born to be like everyone else, speak the same language or have the same colour skin. We are born to have a personality, have an identity and live the life we as an individual want. 

Coming out.

Everyone's coming out story is personal to them. Some people are extremely lucky and have a supportive family & friends. Others, well they don't have it so 'easy'. 

Coming out is a very difficult, personal time for someone. My experience was a great one! When I decided to come out in May 2014 I had thought about it A LOT. I knew it was about time I started being me. I wasn't happy and I felt frustrated that I had to live a lie. I came out to my mum in 2012? (I can't remember if it was 2012 or 2013!) It didn't go 100% to plan as at the time I hadn't completely found myself, I know that sounds a little silly. I hadn't completely realised what these feelings were and what they meant. I just knew relationships I previously had with boys never worked out and NEVER felt right to me. 

After coming out to my mum, the subject of it quickly went quiet. It wasn't until last year after I came out very publicly on facebook to everyone she was comfortable with it all. My friends have been great and so have my family. It hasn't always been easy, I know some people have found it hard to adjust too and I think some thought it was 'just a phase' haha. 

All in all since coming out I have changed so much as a person and I feel like I am finally who I've craved to be for such a long time. Not having to hide anymore is one of the best feelings in the world and to be part of the LGBT community is even better.

I'm new to all of this.

I know what you're thinking... who is this girl?

Well hello, you could say I'm a newbie to all of this blogging & vlogging. My name's Hannah, I'm 20 years old and I'm from the UK, I live in Hampshire. I've been eager to make a youtube channel and a sustainable blog for a very long time now. I have a blog on tumblr which over the last few years I have created quite a few followers which is amazing.

What will my blog be about I hear you ask! My only wish is for you to enjoy each and every one of my posts, also to be able to relate to some as well. I haven't entirely figured out which direction I would like my blog to go in but as long as people are interested in the content I put on here as well as myself, that is all that matters. 

I'll be posting my first full post over the next few days!