Just a quick message

I haven't read, looked or checked any kind of blog stats in well over 2 months now, I can't bring myself to do any of that. I miss blogging, I miss talking to other bloggers and being genuinely excited to read some of my favourite blogger's latest posts. I miss the passion I used to have for blogging.

But the truth is, I'm in a pretty bad place right now. I never wanted my blog to be all about mental health and it isn't about to be but I felt I needed to post something in regards to where I disappeared to. I started my blog for some positivity in my life, I was in a good place when I started it all so I guess it feels wrong to carry on with it whilst I'm feeling like this.

Let's hope 2016 gives me some passion and motivation to start blogging once again.

Social media obsession

Well it's been a little while hasn't it, it feels exciting writing this blog post. Not because it's anything special it's just the first thing I've felt like typing up in a while. HUGE achievement right there! 
Social media, *sighhh* the main cause of so much trouble in life today, but saying that it's also incredible and creates so much good that years back would of been unimaginable. I for one can't sit here and say that I am not totally obsessed with everything social media, I mean I'm going to use blogging as an excuse for that but deep down I know that's just a cover up story so I don't look like a total loser. But I can't help it, with having whatever the latest phone is whether that be an iPhone or Samsung they are all full of apps, most of which will be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Skype, Whatsapp and many others I'm sure I have no idea about! What is the big deal about all of those apps and what makes them so popular? When did being 'social' turn into communicating through a screen? I could bore you with so many questions but I promise I won't.

I wrote something a while back a little similar to this saying that social media is really just the glorified sides to our lives which I still firmly stand by. We have complete power over it, we show what we want and leave out the bits we don't like. We show off what we've bought on instagram and tag us when we're on a night out with friends on facebook. What about when we're just sat at home watching some rubbish on the T.V, what about that really important thing you had to buy that was actually more useful for your life than that pair of shoes you just photographed and put on instagram. I mean yes, that's the whole point of social media right? I know you're probably asking yourself that question right now as you're reading this post and yeah you're right, it is. I can't imagine many people really want to hear about you having to do typical 'life' things like cleaning your bedroom or having a list longer than your arm of boring things to do. 

Cut a long story short the world today loves social media, if we walk past something amazing in the street instead of actually looking at it what do we do, reach for our phones so we can look at it through a screen whilst we video it or photograph it ready to share with the world. So many of us are half living in the real world and half through a screen, but hey that's the wonderful world of technology today! 

What social media apps do you find yourself using way too much? I'm definitely guilty of tweeting too much and wasting a lot of my time scrolling through instagram.

My thoughts on starting cognitive behavioural therapy

Ahh therapy. Enough to put the fear in anybody's mind, that word alone makes me anxious. The next part is even more scarier, it won't just be me, it will be group CBT. A GROUP!!! As in me and up to 12 other people. Already in my mind I am screaming, everything is telling me don't do it, don't do it. But the sensible more understanding side of me is telling me that it will all be worth it, it will be great. I'm still not too sure.

The last month or so hasn't been the easiest, as you could probably tell by the last post I wrote, which you can read here. I don't know, I guess my brain has sort of gone into overdrive and all my thoughts and feelings have gone a little crazy, leaving me feeling pretty damn exhausted to say the least. From being signed off work for 2 week's, to not leaving my flat for days I knew I had to receive some kind of help and that is where a wonderful organisation called Steps 2 Well-being came in and well made me feel a little more human again. In 2 weeks time I will be starting a 12 week CBT programme with a group of other people in the exact same boat as me, yeah as I said before it's pretty terrifying but I'm also quite excited which may sound a little strange. When I put a tweet out saying I was due to start CBT I had quite a few replies from other bloggers telling me how incredible it is and how much it has benefited them. So I guess you could say that's made me a lot less anxious about the whole process.

Through my years of having mental health issues I have really never allowed myself to have any kind of counselling, mainly because the thought of talking about my problems scared the heck out of me, not to mention I was painfully shy when I was younger. As I've grown older I've realised that sometimes all it takes is for somebody to ask if you're okay, or how your day has been. You wouldn't believe how much power those questions have, they have the potential to turn somebodies awful day into a good one. How? Because it shows that people care. That's all anybody wants in the world, right? To know somebody cares about them and wants to know how their day is going. In this day and age it is very easy to not have any real life interaction, everybody is so obsessed with social media and being on their phones. I mean, what happened to sitting down and just talking. I think there would be a lot less issues in the world if we actually just spoke to one another, instead of through a screen. Okay, so I've gone off subject a little but I really wanted to get my opinion across.

So although CBT is something I've really never considered, due to anxiety I'm excited to see what it teaches me, I'm excited to meet other people that I can relate to and find some common ground with. I know people try to understand and the world is a better place for these type of people that want to help but there really is nothing better than being able to share thoughts and feelings with someone who can genuinely relate and say 'I feel the same way'.

So watch this space, because I am absolutely certain there will be more posts about how I'm finding CBT and how I've benefited from it.

Is this a bloggers meltdown?

What do you do when one of the only things you feel you're good at doing suddenly becomes something you're struggling at. It's been 5 days since I last posted anything, now for me that's actually pretty good. I went through weeks at one stage where I didn't do anything blog related. This time it feels different, when I don't blog I feel guilty, I feel like I've let myself down. I feel like everything I've built up for the past 6 months is totally going to waste, the friendships I've made and the incredible readers that somehow find my posts remotely interesting. I'd like to think I'm not alone with those thoughts.

One thing that got me thinking whilst I was dwelling on why I couldn't think of anything to post was that isn't it a little bit ironic that my blogs name has the word 'inspired' in it when sometimes that's the last thing I can be. Now in the bigger scheme of things my aim is 12 blog posts a month, that's 3 a week, how hard can that be, right? Turns out some weeks that's an unachievable goal. 

So for days I've been racking my brain for blog posts ideas, I've been reading other blogs for inspiration and yes I even trolled through a whole load of  blog posts on blog post ideas, are you still with me or did that sentence totally lose you like it did me. But anyway still NOTHING. I sat down and admitted defeat, that was it I'd never blog again. I can't do it anymore, my blogs good for nothing and so the pity party began. Oh boring, who wants to read a post about a blogger having a total meltdown, okay maybe some of you do but I wouldn't, wait too late you're already reading one. Even worse I'm writing one! 

You know what though, this 'blogging melt down' has potentially done me a favour, I did not look at my blog for 2 whole days, I didn't look at how many views I'd been getting, even more worrying I've barely been on twitter. I needed a few days out to reinforce the fact that I do have ideas, actually I have quite a lot of them but I don't always have the time to get them typed up or I just genuinely don't feel like blogging on particular days. Some days I'd rather stay in bed, with a hot chocolate and marshmallows, some days I'll even push the boat out and have cream too. Then binge watch my favourite programmes on Netflix, maybe even finally getting round to starting Pretty Little Liars, WHO'S A. That's the best part about having your own blog, you decide what and when you want to write. But I promise I'm working on this whole scheduling thing because I can see it benefiting my blog as a whole. Am I finishing this post off by being a total hypocrite? oops. 

What is blogging success to you?

The word every blogger fears, success. What is success to you? Is one bloggers 'success' considered success to others? Everybody has different goals and aspirations so are we all really striving for the same thing. In some ways, yes, in other ways no. I'm sure we all have very different goals we would like to achieve, some may be very personal and others a little more generic in the blogging community. 

When I first started this blog I didn't think for one minute how many people would read it, how many followers I'd get or how many friends I would make from it. Naturally as the months went by and I started to develop a good relationship between other bloggers I thought okay I've done it, I've done what I set out to achieve. Now I've hit the 6 month mark my goals have got a little more ambitious, I've started to step out of my comfort zone in order to meet other bloggers, such as attending blogging events. Now this is something I can happily say I have already succeeded at and hope to carry on. 

Look back to when you started your blog, was you worrying about how many followers you had? Probably not. If you're anything like me you was worrying about what content you could create and if people would actually read it, let alone like it. With blogging comes along lots and lots of talking, especially on twitter. Twitter chats are where I have learnt the most. I have read for myself what success means to other bloggers, I loved the honesty in each reply.

To answer my own question, blogging success to me means interacting with your readers, receiving comments on my blog posts, a genuine interest from others. You can have the followers, you can have the views but to me what are those figures worth if you aren't speaking and giving back to other fantastic blogs. Knowing your blogs worth is something that ultimately only you can decide. By putting in work, comes good things and with hard work means success.

Don't worry about what others are doing, you started this blog for yourself. Your goals and ambitions are personal, there are so many bloggers today in the world that we're all at very different stages of our blogging journey. If you've just hit 100 views on a post, celebrate that could be a huge figure for you, if you hit 1000, celebrate! It does not matter if you have 10, 50, 100's or 1000's of views per post, if you get just one comment saying "this really helped me" or "I loved this!" Then there we have it, you have succeeded as a blogger in my eyes.

What does blogging success mean to you?

Glossybox August 2015

It's already time for August reviews on subscription boxes, where did the time go! I like to think I'm extremely honest when it comes to my reviews, whether that be a programme on Netflix, make-up products or these boxes and well here we go, I didn't like this month's box, Here is why...

Firstly, if you've read my previous reviews on Glossybox as well as my little box then you will know I am a sucker for beautiful packaging. Okay so I know the packaging isn't a reflection on the products inside but it's so plain and boring, I thought they would do something different each month. I was so disappointed to be faced with this dull looking pink box again. Packaging aside I had seen a sneak peek over on their website and they made this month's box sound incredible, after receiving it I'd say more mediocre. The advantage to this month's box is I received 4 full size products, usually you only get one so it was a bonus I have to say. 

Now don't get me wrong each of these products I got will come in handy at some point I'm sure, but I guess the 'wow factor' has disappeared. I didn't dislike this month's box because of the products, I guess you could say I'm now comparing Glossybox to other subscription services. However what I did like from this month is that these products came from the UK, America and Spain there are definitely a mixture of things suited to everybody in different ways, I'm sure. 

If I'm doing a fair review I will be honest and say I haven't yet used all of the products, so who knows I may find some come in extremely handy but I know one thing I already love the 'MeMeMe' Lip glide in the 'playful peach' colour, it is beautiful and is definitely a new essential in my make-up bag. I am very intrigued to try out all of the other products too, I will definitely get back to you on what I thought about them. 

By now I've usually read a few other bloggers review posts on the month's edition, but this time I decided not to till I had posted my own. Sometimes somebody else's opinion can cloud your own judgement, even if they are just beauty products! So I'm afraid this month's review is only a short one, a little disappointing too. September's edition will be my last Glossybox, but you can still expect plenty of reviews on 'My Little Box'. 

Are you a Glossybox subscriber? What did you think about this month's edition? I'd love to read some of your opinions. 

10 misconceptions of being a Feminine Lesbian

I never know whether to start my LGBT posts by coming out as gay EVERY time so any new readers know from the get go, or if older readers were oblivious to this fact. If so, how? I thought you all knew. But anyway, now that's over and done with I thought I'd do a little less serious post as all my LGBT ones seem to be quite serious and get a little too emotionally deep for my liking. I've read quotes and other similar things about misconceptions of being lesbian, gay, trans, bi and so on and then it came to me, I've heard so many relating to myself being what I class as a 'femme' lesbian and I couldn't help but laugh. Ready for a list, we all love lists don't we.

1. "How are you a lesbian if you're girly?" 
Hahaha oh god this one is p a i n f u l, SO painful and ignorant. Sometimes I find it hard to comprehend. Now listen up, because I like women do I suddenly have to cut 'girly' things out of my life, like seriously? Can't I paint my nails as well as liking girls, can't I love make up without it making me any less of a lesbian. 

2. "It's just a phase" 
Those 4 words are enough to drive anybody crazy, let alone when you're trying to tell somebody you're definitely, 100%, no doubt about it a lesbian. I mean for me coming out wasn't the easiest, as far as I know nobody expected it so when I did I know it was a shock for some. 

3. "You don't look like a lesbian." 
This is one where my hands quickly go over my eyes over the complete and utter stupidity of this saying. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO LOOK? Our sexuality doesn't determine our personality or the way we look. We look and dress how we want to just like everybody else. We don't need to conform to any kind of 'look' because we are lesbians. If you want to dress girly, dress girly, if you don't want to that's okay you dress however you want. 

4. "Why do you date girls that looks like boys?" 
Right okay, so I've not experienced this one but it's so dumb I had to include it. Believe it or not I've read on the internet before someone say feminine lesbians date more 'butch' lesbians because they secretly like men, the logic in that I have no idea but it's pretty funny in an 'aww you're so ignorant' kinda way. 

5. We're all in fact bisexual. 
Yep you heard it, it's absolutely impossible to be a lesbian unless you have the guide to 'how to be a real lesbian' that's where it tells you how to dress and how to cut your hair like a lesbian. Lesbian haircuts exist, didn't you know? Sarcasm, of course.

6. We hate men. 
If you're a feminine lesbian apparently we hate men, we aren't dressing like one to prove we're a lesbian so we must hate them. Yeah that makes perfect sense! 

7. "So you're obviously the girl in the relationship" 
Well umm, I date girls, I'm attracted to girls, so hopefully we are BOTH girls. Uh yeah I'll leave you to think about this one.

8.  We aren't really gay at all.
Again you heard it, we're faking it. We go through the painful, awkward process of coming out to our loved ones only to be denying that in actual fact we're straight. This opinion is actually pretty offensive, don't ever say it to anyone. 

9. "But you're too pretty to be a lesbian"
This one's for the beautiful girls out there that face this huge misconception. So are lesbians ugly? Best get my 'how to be a real lesbian' guide out again and find page 30 where it rules you must not be pretty. Yes, I'm in!

10. It's just for attention. 
I have no words. 

There we have it, a list of ridiculous misconceptions and a heck lot of sarcasm. Let's just remember these don't just relate to femme lesbians, they relate to others too. 

I'm going to New York!

This post is a little later than I originally wanted it to be but I've just not found the time to type it up until now. Many will know this already but here it goes, I'M GOING TO NEW YORK!!! Yes, me, I'm actually going there and I am so freaking excited. There are actually no words to explain my excitement, so doing a blog post on it was a little silly of me. 

If you read a previous post of mine '7 places around the world I'd love to visit' you'll see number 1 on that list is New York. I have wanted to go to this beautiful city for years and years, I genuinely never thought I would get the chance to, I mean come on it's not the cheapest of places to visit. On April 8th of next year I will be jumping on that plane and off to have the most amazing adventure ever!! I can't wait to experience Time Square, Central Park the Empire State building and so many incredible other things New York has to offer. I keep forgetting I'm even going because it seems like such a long way away but just over 7 months isn't too long to wait, right? Ahhhh dreams do come true. 

Have you been to New York? Where was the best place you visited or was everywhere equally as incredible? I'd love to know the best areas to visit. I can't wait to take some amazing photos and have so many great memories to bring back with me, not to mention the blog posts I'll be able to share with you all. Officially counting down, so expect to countdown with me. 


My first blogging event

As many of you may know if you follow me on any social media, particularly twitter, I attended my first blogging event yesterday and it was fantastic. I was lucky enough to have the whole weekend off work, which meant I was free to enjoy myself as much as I pleased. I discovered Southampton Bloggers on twitter a few months back and ever since finding them I have spoken to and discovered so many incredible blogs and local bloggers. Before yesterday I didn't quite realise there were so many of us in Hampshire!

I would consider myself an extremely awkward person, especially around new people, so attending this was definitely out of my comfort zone. I'm so pleased I did though, I don't have any blogging friends locally, so to have the chance to meet some was lovely. Before the event I can't really explain what I expected from the day, as I had never been to an event before I had no idea how they worked. Did we all sit there awkwardly, did I get my camera out and start snapping away, what do I do? Well I will tell you, you talk lots, drink lots (maybe... no of course you do) they did some bloody good cocktails at the venue which was at Revolution in Southampton. You also take lots of pictures! I feel a little gutted I didn't actually get in any photos with the girls apart from a big group photo, but I felt too shy to be like 'hey let's take a photo!' I told you I was awkward. Nevertheless I had a wonderful day full of laughter and all things beauty, lifestyle and blogging in general. 

I think the thing that overwhelmed me the most from the day was the fact that everybody was so incredibly kind and welcoming. I know you read it on twitter and in blogging groups about how nice the blogging community is, but it's true. I witnessed it for myself and I couldn't agree more that it's one of the loveliest communities to be part of. I'm in that photo somewhere, I promise. 

Photo credit goes to Southampton Bloggers.
Throughout the day, there were various companies around the venue that you could go to these included Hairfinity, Espa and Out come the Wolves all equally wonderful and very friendly! They also had some what looked like very tasty ice cream from Jude's and cupcakes from Love cake bakery. How did I not try either of these things?! How silly of me. 

I have to say thank you so much to Alice and Amy for organising an incredible event and thank you so much for having me there. My first blogging event has been a success and hopefully I will be able to attend many more without all my worries of meeting new people. Also a huge thank you for all my incredible goody bags from the day, I was amazed at all of the products I received. I can't wait to try them all out. 

The day was pretty damn good from the beginning and if you're yet to attend your first blogging event, maybe a local one like this I would definitely recommend in doing so even if you're a nervous wreck like I was beforehand. A good tip, is to plan to meet some people attending the same event beforehand like I did. 3 lovely ladies made me feel very welcome before I even got to the event and I don't think I'd of enjoyed the day half as much if I went in on my own, so thank you Charlotte, Sophie and Natasha

Blogging can open up so many great opportunities and help you meet lovely like-minded people like yourself so attending more blogging events in the future is definitely on my list of things to do. 

My Little Box first impressions

Right okay let's start right here in saying subscription boxes may as well be breaking my bank balance, really I mean it, it's addictive. I received the July edition of 'my little box' although I got it a little later than everybody else because I didn't subscribe till late in July. Let me just say, it is wonderful. July's edition was called 'my little road trip', and after seeing YouTube reviews and getting so many good recommendations I couldn't resist. 

If you've read my previous blog posts you will see I also subscribe to Glossybox, although they aren't entirely similar I have to say 'my little box' is definitely my winner. I think there is just something a little extra you get with 'my little box' that you don't get with Glossybox. A lot like all of these subscription boxes I am obsessed with the design of the packaging they create, they are truly beautiful! I only wish I could design something so fantastic, shame I am absolutely awful at art. My artistic skills go as far as drawing a stick man on a piece of paper, my lines still aren't straight even then.

One of the first things in the box that caught my eye were these cute little cards you receive with a lovely positive quote on them, blogger cliché here with the greeting cards but look how sweet it is!! I want to build up a big collection of these and somehow incorporate them into one big collage. Wouldn't that be heaven to the eyes? Or is that just me. 

Although I haven't used any of these yet, I am so bloody impressed! The only thing I won't be using are the gold tattoos but hey one thing out of 8 isn't bad. Two of my favourites from this box are the Garnier cleanser water and the travel organiser, which will be coming in extremely handy when I go to New York in April, oh yeah did I mention I'm going there!! EXCITING. I'm a sucker for gifts like this and for £11 a month (P+P £3.95) I think it is well worth the money. So there we have it, first impressions are very very good and I'm really happy with my first box. I can't wait to see what I receive next. 

Are you subscribed to any beauty/fashion/lifestyle boxes? 

Adding some colour to your home with Debenhams Flowers

If like me you love flowers than well you're on the right blog. I don't know when my obsession with all things florally and pretty began but I know it's become somewhat of a spiralling crazy addiction that I can't control. I don't tend to buy flowers that much, so when Debenhams Flowers got in touch with me asking if I'd like to review a bouquet from their new Summer collection I couldn't say no. Even better, if you wish these flowers can be sent to you via their next day flowers service, which is perfect for anyone looking for nice fresh flowers pretty quickly. The next day delivery even coincided with my birthday so it was a lovely little gift to receive.

There are so many bouquets to choose from it was so hard to decide but in the end I chose the beautiful 'Peony Perfection' bouquet which I absolutely adore! The décor in my bedroom is pretty bland and adding such a lovely burst of colour into the mix has made it that little bit more pretty. These flowers will be so beautiful once they have bloomed completely, they still look brand new after 4 days of having them. If you're looking for something a little extra not only do they have their Summer Collection to choose from but they also have a beautiful range of Luxury flowers for those looking for something a little more elegant and even more special. 

I'm lucky enough to be able to offer all my lovely readers a 25% discount code if you wish to buy your very own bouquet or maybe as a gift to a loved one. Just think with 25% off, that leaves more money to indulge in adding a box of chocolates to your order, we all need to treat ourselves from time to time don't we! 


Sponsored post.

Lush Oxford Street review

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts you will know by now I LOVE Lush. Some don't understand the obsession with it, but I don't know how you can't love almost every single one of their products. I've had 2 trips to London recently and both visits of course meant going to the Lush store on Oxford Street, it is probably the best one I've ever been to. 3 floors of absolute heaven! 

It was really difficult to get photos as the store itself was so busy, lots of people just like me rushing to get all the exclusive Oxford street products, I can tell you now it did not disappoint. As I walked into the store I was greeted by one of their many lovely staff members, that's definitely one of the reasons I love Lush. I have never before walked into a Lush store and been greeted with a miserable, unhappy worker they are always so happy and willing to help you if you are looking for something specific or just want a general chat about new or even old products. 

The third floor is what seemed the most popular and definitely my favourite floor out of the three. This is where they had all of the amazing bath bombs! Walking up the stairs on my first visit there I was almost like a child in a sweet shop, I had never been so happy. All I could see were brand new products, it was kind of grab everything you can, as fast as you can and look at it all properly when you're home. 

The thing I love about this store is that it's so big, it's even kid friendly too. Upstairs there is a shape cutter/moulding section so you can try out different 'Fun' bars before buying them which for a child it will probably keep them entertained for a while. I'm not sure if other stores have them yet but they even had amazing new 'Fun' bars that I've not seen before, my favourite being Mermaid which I stupidly didn't buy. As well as it being kid friendly there are even plenty of chairs located around the store, for the people you manage to persuade to come along with you but don't share quite the same excitement as you do. 

Throughout the store there are so many of their lovely staff members walking around, talking to you and they are genuinely just as excited about products as you are buying them. My first visit there it was my birthday and lots of them wished me a happy birthday and just made the whole experience that tiny bit more special. I'm a little bit gutted that I don't go to London that much, meaning I probably won't visit the Oxford Street store as much as I'd like to, I am far to loyal too the Southampton Lush store. But if you find yourself in London I definitely recommend visiting Oxford Street just so you can take a look for yourself and of course buy yourself some goodies. 

Have you visited Lush on Oxford Street? I'd love to hear what you thought of it. Or if not, will you be visiting after seeing all my amazing new bath bombs.

Managing a blog whilst working full time

Let's just get straight into this one shall we, this isn't going to be a 'how to' post but me telling you how bloomin' hard it can be running a blog whilst working full time in a job that's worlds apart from blogging.

Now I'm not one of those bloggers that schedule posts *other bloggers reading this in horror*. But honestly, I just can't commit myself to blog 3, 4 even 5 times a week, there is just no way. I don't work the average 9-5 Monday to Friday job, instead I do 12 hour shifts, other weeks I do nights. My work pattern is never the same making it somewhat difficult to post anything, let alone scheduling. Although, I definitely see its benefits as I promised myself I'd schedule one month worth of blog posts during August and surprisingly I actually did it! Not sure how long this motivated, on the ball blogger will last. A little hypocritical of me here as I'm hopeless at it, but I definitely recommend scheduling at least one month worth of posts and see how it benefits you. 

I know what you're thinking right now, you decided to start a blog so surely I should take the pressure that comes with having one. But really, should I? Ultimately I started this blog for fun, I don't want to lose the fun that comes with blogging, its the best damn feeling. I remember having those 'new blogger nerves' when I first started this blog and I really thought I was better off quitting before I even got going and what a huge mistake that would have been. I know they say to be a successful blogger you must be getting your content seen daily, but I blog firstly for myself and secondly for my readers. Is that selfish? I blog in hope that someone somewhere reads my posts such as 'The Stigma surrounding mental health' and 'What it was really like accepting I was gay' and I can in some way help them. If I can help just one person, then isn't my blog living up to what it's supposed to be about. Like I said I blog for fun and well if anything more came out of it that would be bloody amazing, but if it doesn't that's fine too. 

Blogging is flippen hard work, at times it almost feels like you've taken on a second job. I mean would you believe me if I told you I was sat typing this post up on my phone till gone midnight knowing full well I had to be up at 6am the next morning. Blogging is just something you can't switch off, you could have a million things on your mind regarding life, work, yet blog ideas will steadily creep in and suddenly you've delved 2 hours into a new blog post and its 2am. I'm sure so many other bloggers can relate to this when I say suddenly you find yourself dreaming, breathing, EVERYTHING blog related. A blog almost becomes your baby, sorry guys it's true! You become fiercely protective over it, I appreciate that may be a strange concept for those who don't blog themselves but it becomes so addictive. 

I would never say blogging is easier for those who don't work because that would be the most inaccurate and a rather stupid opinion to have. Blogging is difficult regardless of your job status, we bloggers work equally hard as one another ensuring our blogs are the best they can possibly be. We really need to praise one another more for that! Whether it be your job, kids, life in general we all have things that we need to balance when it comes to blogging, it's just finding the right balance for you. 

I'd love to find out what some of you lovely people do for a full time/part time job ect? How do you manage to find the time to blog, even if you don't work! I'd love to know more. 

Glossybox July 2015

Hey you lovely people, I'm back with another Glossybox review. This month I received my second ever box and it has definitely upped its game from June. The actual packaging was probably the thing I loved most about July's edition, it was so well designed and truly beautiful! July's edition was inspired by all things French, which when I read that, I was already excited. After their Festival edition box last month, I was left a little disappointed, but as it was my first box I decided to keep my subscription in hope July would bring something better. 

Every month it comes in a small box, wrapped nicely with ribbon and two cards. One card telling you about the inspiration for this month's box and the other with a list of the products you've received. I thought this month's card about the designer of the box was so sweet, the drawing on the front is also amazing. 

The products I received this month are things I will actually use, hooray!!  

* Noxidoxi Enhancing serum base sample. (Full Size £33.46)
* Lollipops Lip Balm (Full Size £4.15)
* Teoxane Cosmeceuticals sample (Full Size £70)
* Yves Rocher sample (Full size £24.50)
* Glossybox Exclusive travel pouch (£3.99)

So far I have already tried the Noxidoxi Serum base which you apply morning and night before applying moisturiser and the Teoxane Cosmeceuticals Perfect skin refiner which should be applied every other night. I can honestly say that I will try anything when it comes to moisturising and keeping my face feeling fresh and clean. I'm always so scared about trying out new products as my skin at times can be really sensitive to some products and just leave me with so many red horrible dry patches. I can't say either of the products are the best I've ever used and I'll always use more known brands when it comes to moisturising my face but they are great little samples to try out. They haven't been too harsh on my skin and I've used them both for the last 3 nights. I love discovering new things.

The next product I tried, which I was a little unsure about as I can be super fussy with perfume was the Yves Rocher L'Eau De perfume. It's only a really small sample and it probably isn't a scent I'd go for if buying perfume but again it's nice to be able to try something a little different, something you wouldn't necessarily buy yourself. For a perfume sample, I'd say I love it. Full size, probably not so much still lovely but not entirely for me. 

The other two products being the Lip balm and Glossybox travel pouch I am yet to try. I don't think the pouch will be used that much but it's a handy bag to have if you was going away for a night or two and didn't want to take your whole make up bag or maybe just for carrying around a few essentials during the day. I should probably start using the lip balm as it's supposed to protect your lips from UV damage as well as soften your lips, summer will disappear before we know it, I best get all the use out of it as I can.

So overall I guess you can say July's edition has been a pretty successful one, I absolutely loved the theme this month and hope Augusts edition is just as good. As we're are on the subject of subscription boxes I've also just subscribed to 'My Little Box' which consists of beauty, fashion & lifestyle accessories you even get a few other little surprises so be sure to check out my review on them next month. 

Do you have any subscription boxes you are currently loving? I'd love to hear about others, although I need to resist subscribing to anymore.

10 initial thoughts I had when starting my first 'real' job.

So like many others between the ages of 16-19 give or take a few months I went through retail job after retail job absolutely hating every single one but having no choice because I needed the money. I only managed a few months in each job because well let's just say customers coming in complaining about their new purchases just really didn't do it for me. So retail workers, I respect you massively! Last March I got what I like to call my first 'real' job (as in I'm finally grown up!!). Well, it only really dawned on me in the last few weeks that I've been in my job for almost a year and a half now, when I look back on the first few months I have no idea how I survived. I was so slow at everything and I probably annoyed everybody asking so many questions. 

I remember my very first day at the hospital walking onto my ward and well to put it simply I was absolutely scared shitless! It went a little like this waking up on the first morning,

Followed by all of these thoughts when I got there,

1. SHIT!! I can do this, I can do it.

2. NOOO, no I can't! Get me out of here quick. 

3. Oh no, oh god they hate me already. Somebody help!

4. I'm in, I made it. What are they talking about? I don't understand

5. The boss is here, keep calm, don't say anything stupid, please just don't say anything stupid.

6. What am I doing, what is this? What do they use this for?!

7. Okay, I'm fine everything is fine.

8. I've lost my mentor, oh shit where are you. Please come back.

9. She's back, phewww now what do I do? What if they think I'm lazy or stupid I don't know what I'm doing?

10. Clock watching, just another 7 hours to go... 5 minutes later STILL ANOTHER 7 HOURS TO GO!!! 

I guess I wanted to share this with you all because it doesn't matter whether you have experience in the new job you are about to start or just beginning, those first day nerves happen to the best of us especially me the most awkward person you'll ever meet. Well for the first few times anyway! I bet my colleagues at work now wish they could shut me up some days, in the nicest way possible I'm sure. First day nerves are understandable, remember we've all been there at one time or another.

Do you have any funny first day at a new job stories? 

5 beauty products I couldn't be without.

There are just some things in life where you think thank god they created this, I usually find myself saying these things when it comes to make up and beauty products of any kind. I have gone through brand after brand trying to find the right foundation, nice primer or good eyebrow kit. Some of what works for me could be completely wrong for someone else, but currently right now Benefit is my saviour. I thought it would be nice to share with you all what 5 things I couldn't be without when it comes to make-up and hair. 

So far for me this is the best foundation I have found for both the type of skin I have and my skin tone. This is the closest I've found when it comes to skin tone and it seems to be working miracles on those dreaded dry patches that creep up on my face when it's the most inconvenient time for them to appear, it's always the way. I've only had one bottle of this foundation so far and it's lasted pretty well. The consistency is quite watery but for me that works better because when foundation is too thick it looks so clogged up all over my face, not a great look. Definitely recommend this!

2. Real Technique make up brushes. (Can be bought from Boots)

I am absolutely dying to try the bold metals collection from Real Technique but haven't got round to buying any yet. But this foundation brush and stippling brush have only very recently been two things I've found myself relying on more and more. I always used the Mac 190 foundation brush for quite a while but considering the real technique brushes are cheaper, I've definitely found them a lot better than my Mac brush. Just because something is more expensive doesn't always mean it's better. 

Another recent product I've been using more and more is this Prep & Prime from Mac. I don't know how or why this works for me because I really thought it would be the opposite from kind to my skin but it really does. It looked so thick and heavy I thought it would leave my skin looking caked but it doesn't at all and even better I can see it lasting a very long time! One of my favourite products from Mac and I will definitely be going back for more once I've used this one up. 

4. Benefit Brow Zings £24.50 

Sorry for the right photo, its been used lots of times already!

As sad as this sounds I really don't know what I'd do without this eyebrow kit now I've got it. It's been a long tough search for the perfect one but I found it at last!! It's opened my eyes to good eyebrows and getting that almost perfect shape, I mean nobody can do it as good as when you go to get them done at a beauty salon but this comes pretty close. It may be a little pricey but I have to say it is well worth the money and it's a long lasting product. I think everybody needs a good eyebrow kit in their make-up bag. 

5. Tangle Teezer £10.99

Not make up related but I had to chuck this in the list because it is definitely something that I could not be without now I have it and that is my wonderful Tangle Teezer! I remember seeing this when reading a post on Hannah Gale's blog and immediately went out and bought one, I am so thankful to her for introducing me to it, it is AMAZING. I have really long hair so after it's been washed it is an absolute nightmare to brush, but with this it's easy and gets all the knots out really quickly. It's even better because it doesn't pull half my hair out and I hear it's a winner when brushing kids hair because it's really gentle on the head and hair. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing what products I couldn't be without, do you have any favourite products you'd struggle without? 

8 Photos of Happiness tag

I was tagged by the lovely Sarah over at Sarah in Wonderland to take part in the 8 photos of happiness tag. Thank you Sarah, I think this is my favourite post to be tagged in so far!

Rules and Explanations of this tag

-Thank your nominator/s and link them in your post.
- Link the creator of the tag who is, Ariel's Little Corner of the internet
- Post your 8 photos of happiness, the photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy. 
- Put a brief description of the photo, why you chose it, or let the photos do the talking. 
- Lastly, spread the happiness and tag other bloggers!

My 8 photos of happiness


I chose this photo because it's one of the very few I have of me and my Nan. She passed away when I was 11 and I have so many amazing memories with my grandparents and cousins. We always went over to their house after school on a Thursday and she'd cook us dinner. Thankfully I still have my Grandad around, this photo holds a special place in my heart. 


I love, love, love this photo mostly because we don't seem to take a lot of photos in my family! I think I'm the keen photographer. This was on my mum's 50th birthday where I, my brothers and my brother's girlfriend surprised her with a limo and nice dinner out with all of the family. She had no idea and I think it's just lovely family photo.


This is a fairly new photo, but it always makes me laugh. I took my niece to Marwell Zoo and of course I couldn't resist taking a photo with her with the meerkat photo board, the photo will remind me of lots of good memories from the day. 


This photo was taken on the morning my nieces little sister was due to be born! She had a sleepover for two nights over my house whilst my brother's girlfriend went off to the hospital to be induced. It was all very exciting, although we had to wait till almost midnight to hear Ava had been born. 


This is probably my favourite photo ever and makes me SO happy. My two beautiful nieces Amelia and Ava. This was Amelia's first time meeting her new baby sister. I bought her the Simba teddy bear from the Disney shop and she was adamant Simba was going everywhere with her no matter what. 


Can you see the pattern? Yes my nieces make me the happiest. I was meeting Ava who was less than 24 hours old in this photo. So much cuteness!


This is another special photo that I will keep forever, me and my lovely Dad. This was taken at my step sister's wedding, I definitely didn't want the photo taken but it turned out quite nice and I don't have many of me and him now I'm older. 


My last photo of happiness is of me and my best friend Louise. We decided to go to Magaluf in 2013 and this is the first night there. It was honestly one of the best holidays I've been on. I celebrated my 19th birthday out there, so it's full of lots of amazing memories. 

Well there we go, that's all of my 8 photos of happiness. It was so hard to just choose 8, I have so many photos I could have chosen. I hope you enjoyed :) 

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